Registration now open for @orcacon! I’m a Guest of Honor

I’m super, super excited for OrcaCon next January! This will be my first time being a guest of honor at a convention and it’s all about gaming and diversity!! So if you can make it, I’d love to see you there!❤

There’s so many cool GoH’s too! Check out this line up and come get your gaming geek on with us!


Standard Memberships:
OrcaCon Memberships are $55.00 for a Standard 3-Day Membership and $45.00 for children 7-17 years of age. These prices will continue until December, when we cut off online sales or if we sell out. We plan on selling 3-day Memberships at the door for $65.00 adult / $45 child. If we do not sell out before December, we will be offering single day Memberships. We’ll have more information later in the year regarding day passes.

VIP Memberships:
Our VIP Memberships are $250.00 each. VIP Membership holders will get special VIP badges, ribbons, an OrcaCon T-shirt, a pair of OrcaCon dice, an OrcaCon Swag bag full of games and other surprises. Plus, you also have access to the VIP Lounge & Green Room, which is specifically for you to hang out, grab a snack, and mingle with our Guests of Honor and Special Guests.

Children memberships (Ages 7-12):

Children age 6 and under receive a complimentary membership with their family, and will still require a badge. If the memberships you purchase are for attendees under the age of 18, you will be required to bring the OrcaCon Parental Authorization form. Please refer to our Minors Policy.

Memberships are subject to acceptance and adherence to OrcaCon Convention Policies and our Anti-Harassment Policy. Memberships are not allowed to be transferred or sold and are non-refundable. Registered Members are entitled to attend all three days of OrcaCon 2017.

Picking up your Membership badge

Registration will be located inside the Holiday Inn Downtown Everett lobby. When you enter the hotel, take a left and you will see Registration. Badges can be picked up at any time during open Registration hours. We do not mail badges. Valid government-issued photo identification is required for all adults. There will be no exceptions. This does not include school IDs. Minors do not need to have photo identification. However, they must have a signed Parental Permission form in hand, a registered adult member with them, and their registered adult must have a valid government-issued photo ID with them in order to pickup a minor badge.

Children’s Badges

Adults can pick up badges for their minors without their minors being present. Please make sure you have the appropriate Parental Permission Form(s) with you when you come to Registration. Parental Permission Forms are required for all minors that are attending with anyone other than their legal guardian. All Minors MUST have a legal adult attending with them, and on premises at all times.

If you have any further questions, or would like more information or clarification on anything, please email our Registration Team at and we would be happy to assist you!

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

ICYMI – I wrote about Ghostbusters, tropes & missing discourse for @Polygon


Ghostbusters is still haunted by negative racial tropes

What the movie got wrong

Opinion – By Tanya D.

I remember the original Ghostbusters movie. I was a teenager when it was released, and I saw it in the theater. It was fantastic for a little nerdling like me to see science and cool stuff and people who won through smarts rather than brute force.

Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore wasn’t a scientist. He wasn’t one of the smart guys who saved folks. That’s what bothered me when I saw the first film the most: seeing a black person on screen, but not seeing them be fully part of the story. We’ve gotten the same old tropes 30 years later, and it’s still a problem. This is why I’m not cheering the reboot with the same unbridled glee as other folks.


The original Ghostbusters wasn’t an anomaly in this sense. I never got to see myself as the scientist, the geek or the nerd, except by proxy of a token black dude that tagged along with the other guys in movies. Black girls and women weren’t there unless they happened to be the mom, girlfriend, sister, cousin or random neighbor of the token black dude. I grew up, but the media I watched didn’t.

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Review – Women in Game Development – Breaking the Glass Level Cap

I had a chance to review Women in Game Development, and I’m happy I had a chance to do so. Thanks again to everyone who contributed and to Jennifer Brandes Hepler for editing this wonderful book!

WIGD Cover

Women in Game Development

Breaking the Glass Level Cap

Edited by Jennifer Brandes Helpler

Disclosure: I have had the chance to collaborate with many of the women who contributed to this book. Either by writing for them, collaborating with them on projects, having them as a guest on my podcast, or paneling with them at conventions. Prior knowledge of their work has not influenced my opinion of the book. ~ TCD

July 19, 2016

By T. DePass

This book is required reading, not just for young women who might be entertaining the idea of entering the games industry. So often the narrative of women in games is framed around the abuse and harassment they have received in the last couple of years from the public and the industry; but this book puts them back in the narrative.

We get to hear their stories direct from them, unfiltered to know how…

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No streaming this week, have some FenQuisitor instead

Remember, no streaming this week due to some paying work coming my way! So, have some FenQuisitor meeting Hawke in this run of it. I needed to get rid of the Skyhold armor mod that was making all my Inquisitor’s have the same recoloured version of Calpernia’s armor:


I got rid of that one and the next mod in line loaded up which is a grey and green chainmail outfit for elves, modeled after Fenris’ DA2 armor. So enjoy a bit of playing around in chargen for Hawke & meeting her.


For those that may be interested, here are my DA Keep choices for this playthrough:

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Why do we have abuse reporting on social media again?

[Post collated from some tweets originally posted on July 17th, 2016]

TW: Racial Slurs

So I reported the guy who followed me on YT and has a video titled Fuck Niggers uploaded. Only 1 of 2 that are on the page. This is what I got from YT Safety & Abuse. Who sees something wrong with this?

YT Useless response

Someone has a racial slur and hateful video on their site, another user follows proper channels to report and that’s the answer?  So tell me again why these sites have a report function of they aren’t doing anything with it? Average user reports, we get this BS.

If a celeb or someone who’s more well known or here’s the more likely factor; someone who makes them money complains? That channel would probably have been gone in hours. I make nothing from YouTube so there’s no impetus there.  I don’t get them revenue, so no impetus to actually assist. So nice to know that following proper channels gets you somewhere. Oh wait

Useless responses like this from sites Safety & Abuse department are jokes. I get the same bullshit type of reply on tumblr. They often add in the oh so useful, just don’t look! Like I went out looking for abuse to have in my in-box or reblogs. Usually on tumblr, Twitter and often YT harassers don’t follow then start in or the drive by one-offs are worse at times.

So the ‘advice’ of don’t look is kind of moot when I wasn’t following them to begin with. Big part of why I’ll never feel 100% safe. Considering the timestamp on the email from YT, a human probably didn’t look at my complaint. Or they set a timer for response email.TL;DR the system for reporting harassment and hate doesn’t work and actually it makes no difference.

So thanks for nothing YT.

Streaming update for July 16 – 24th

Hey y’all, streaming will be a bit disrupted after today’s DAI stream due to getting some paying work sent my way. Project will take up all of next week so no stream next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is iffy pending where I am in this project.

July 16th there will be more romancing of Sera by Herah Adaar! We’re able to unlock the Temple of Mythal in this playthrough, and there’s a whole lot of war table missions to clear off as well.


The stream will start a bit later than my usual weekend streams, which will be around 3pm CDT on I’ll try to make it a longer stream since I won’t be on for most of next week.

.@GaymerX Call for programming submissions from our POC community members!

Reminder – Four Days left to submit panels or talks and @GaymerX wants to hear from our POC community members!❤

Call for more programming submissions from our POC community members!

Only Four Days left to submit programming!


I’m putting on my Diversity Liaison hat before I start waving at you for a moment of your time. GaymerX 4 is coming up this fall and programming suggestions are open until July 1st. Convention content comes from the community. We want and need more POC on panels that are NOT just about diversity.

We know there’s a great community of game makers, podcasters, cosplayers, artists, musicians and more who should submit programming items for GX4! There’s more to our stories than being a marginalized identity within another marginalized identity.

We love games, all facets of making them. So bring your knowledge to GX4 and let’s make this year better for representation across all programming and events September 30 – October 2nd

DSC_3878Hello one and all! Thank you for being as excited…

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