A bunch of @farcrygame 5 clips from my community

Streaming Far Cry 5 has been fun, especially co-op'ing with Kahlief. Here have some clips: https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=YummyDaintyOpossumSwiftRage&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed Snagged by @urbanbohemian https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=HedonisticWiseNewtJebaited&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed Well it's not a bayou... clipped by @ravingsockmonkey https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=LachrymoseShakingPepperoniChefFrank&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed Today on Learning with Cypheroftyr by @ravingsockmonkey https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=GentleLachrymoseSaladCurseLit&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed /facepalm /facepalm clipped by @ravingsockmonkey https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=BlushingPricklyPanPeanutButterJellyTime&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed Oops, sorry Bear by DianaMoon https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=ChillySourMooseCopyThis&autoplay=false&tt_medium=clips_embed Kahlief, you monster. Clipped by DianaMoon … Continue reading A bunch of @farcrygame 5 clips from my community

This week’s travel is for @Official_GDC and the @Bawgames Conference!

COMMENCE PRE-GDC FLAILING ABOUT HOW I'M NOT READY YET I'm actually getting into town a little early for the Bay Area Womxn in Games Conference where I'll be talking about being safe online and dealing with harassment as a broadcaster.  Here's what I'm speaking about at GDC Diversity Advocates Roundtable Day 1: Maintaining Community Initiatives, … Continue reading This week’s travel is for @Official_GDC and the @Bawgames Conference!

Announcing the Romance Option Podcast!

Announcing the Romance Option Podcast! Sex, Love, and Geekery. Two queer black women giving you frank talk about relationships. Hosted by @biancajand & @cypheroftyr See, if you leave me and Bianca alone for a few days, we come up with ideas! Romance Option will be a monthly podcast where we take your relationship questions and get … Continue reading Announcing the Romance Option Podcast!

My @norwescon schedule!

I just can't stay away from Seattle it seems! I'm a Gaming Pro Guest for Norwescon 41, March 29-April 1, 2018. Here's where you can see me talk about stuff! Thursday March 29 Fandom and the New Meta  3:00 - 4:00pm @ Cascade 9 Berlynn Wohl (M), Dame Ruth, Tanya DePass Captain Kirk is a … Continue reading My @norwescon schedule!

ICYMI – A Whole lot has happened this week, goodness!

Hello lovely friends! This week has been pretty damn surreal cause it's been such a wild week of good news in Cyphervania. So here in one bundle (HA!) is all that's happened this week that I have spread around on various social sites. Adult Swim shoutout! A couple friends captured that I got shouted out … Continue reading ICYMI – A Whole lot has happened this week, goodness!

My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

Here's my final PAX East schedule! I Need Diverse Games will also be in the Diversity Lounge once more, hours 10am-6pm April 5, 6, 7 & 8.   "How to Network When You're Awkward as H*ck" April 5th, Bumblee Theatre, 1pm  It's advice you'll get over and over again about breaking into the industry: network! It's … Continue reading My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

My Hugo Award eligibility post for 2018!

Hugo Award nominations are now open through March 16, 2018, and I’m pleased to share I’m eligible for consideration in a few categories. I am eligible for consideration for Best Fan Writer. Articles that I wrote in 2017 include: Dream Daddy has a problem with Bisexual Representation – and it’s name is Joseph The Backlash … Continue reading My Hugo Award eligibility post for 2018!