I’m doing a couple things for #GenCon Online this year. There will be a short clip of me talking about INDG during the opening session.

Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising

Friday 1:30pm – 3:00pm CDT/2:30pm – 4:00pm EDT twitch.tv/extralife4kids

“Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising” is open to EVERYONE! When viewing the page you may notice an event “ticket”. While not needed, getting a ticket helps GenCon know how many people intended on joining this panel.

Date: 7/31/2020
Time: 1pm Eastern
Where? twitch.tv/extralife4kids
Panel Topic: Join Extra Life and tabletop experts in a conversation that explores best practices and experiences in charity fundraising. Something for fundraisers of all levels!

Confirmed Panelists: 

Tanya DePass (@cypheroftyr) – Founder/Director of I Need Diverse Games, Producer of Rivals of Waterdeep, Diversity, Equity and & Inclusion Consultant

Vanessa Brasfield (@pleasantlytwstd) – Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Charity Event Specialist

Ivan Van Norman (@hydra_lord)– Host/Producer, Head of Publishing and Media at Hunters Entertainment

Rhonda McBain– Extra Lifer and Program Director at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Daniel Phoenix – (@RaathCatarn) – Admin for OrderofGamemasters.com (Discord)(@jointheorder)

Moderator: Caity Cooperrider – Extra Lifer, Content Creator

Official GenCon Site: https://www.gencon.com/events/186711


Rivals Live from GenCon Online

Sunday August 2nd 3:30pm – 5:30pm EDT/2:30  – 4:30pm EDT  twitch.tv/gencontv

GenCon Online Promo RoW

Rivals of Waterdeep is a group from the Chicago area that combines newer players of D&D with experienced roleplayers to show just how easy it is to have a good time creating a story together with your friends. They’ve been doing a weekly Actual Play livestream that features an all POC cast to tell a story set in one of the most iconic cities in the Forgotten Realms for six seasons! Rivals of Waterdeep streams on the D&D Twitch channel (twitch.tv/dnd) at 12pm Central/10am Pacific/1pm Eastern