Friday March 24th

Parasocial Relationships & You 11:30am Bumblebee Theatre [Not Streamed]

Parasocial relationships, or one-way relationships in which fans feel like they “know” a media personality, have always existed. However, with content creation – and especially live streaming – those relationships take on somewhat new twists that many streamers don’t expect. This panel of content creators will discuss the unusual, one-and-a-half-sided parasocial relationships that can exist between you and your community, how it can affect you, as well as how our panelists have successfully navigated things.

Panelists: Tanya DePass/cypheroftyr She/Her [M], CeeDub [He/Him], CtrlAltQuin [They/Them], CriticalBard [He/They], Zufats [He/Him], RekItRaven [They/She], Elizabeth Tate, Take This [She/Her]

Mass Effect Fan Retrospective 4:00-5:00pm Albatross Theatre [Streamed]

Love the lines “I should Go” and maybe you are terrible on the dancefloor and can relate to Commander Shepard? Join us for a panel where we reminisce and discuss the iconic franchise that brought a lot of us together both online and off.

Panelists: Tanya DePass/cypheroftyr [She/Her] [M], Shayna Moon [She/They], Ladyluck34 [She/Her], Dasbif [He/Him], DMJazzyHands [He/Him]

Saturday March 25th

Why Can’t We Ever Finish a Game of Skyrim? 3:00-4:00pm Arachnid Theatre [Not Streamed]

You know the drill, you get your first Fus and never get the Ro Dah, or maybe you never get out of Whiterun, or in one friends case kill everyone in town after they chase you for stealing one cabbage. Regardless, some folks never manage to finish the game. Let’s talk about why, and maybe figure out how to get that last Shout.

Panelists: Tanya DePass/cypheroftyr [She/Her] [M], Zufats [He/Him], Dr. Amelia Herbst [She/Her], DMJazzyHands [He/Him], Morgan Shaver [They/Them] & Omega Jones [He/They]

God of War & GoW: Ragnarok Retrospective 5:00-6:00pm Albatross Theatre [Streamed]

Friends gather to discuss the 2018 GoW and 2022 GoW:Ragnarok games. How they made us feel, discuss themes, music & characters that cross both games and what we hope to see in the next GoW game. Note that we will deep dive a bit so there will be spoilers for both games if you’ve never played and plan to in the near future.

Panelists: Tanya DePass/cypheroftyr [She/Her] [M], , Pro_Kesadia [He/Him], Ben Prendergast [He/Him], Shayna Moon [She/They], Dr. Amelia Herbst [She/Her]

Sunday March 26th

In This Economy?! A Frank and Open Discussion on Being a Content Creator 12:00-1:00pm Dragonfly Theatre [Streamed]

Being a content creator ain’t easy in the best of times, but now it seems to be an even harder path to embark on with how the economy is trending; folks don’t have as much disposable income to support creators. Also, the idea of paying creators what they are worth sounds good but do people actually put their money where their mouth is? Let’s discuss it, no holds barred convo.

Panelists: Tanya DePass/cypheroftyr [She/Her] [M], DMJazzyHands [He/Him], RekItRaven [They/She], HenryKween [He/Him], Ave Kaye [She/They], LadyLuck34 [She/Her]