Streaming slump

Not what you think, I’m not quitting! But I have been really unhappy with my streams of late. I’ve either had a lot of fail with what I’m playing, unable to get past missions or having a lot of technical problems that led to me stopping the stream prematurely.

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been really bad at games when I’m on cast. The exception being getting past a Watch Dogs 2 mission I’d been stuck on for a while that I finally get through on Saturday’s stream.

Otherwise, I’ve been really bad at things. Got wrecked by a Mantis Shrimp in the Noodle quest in FFXV. It was a few levels higher but that was ridiculous. Couldn’t get past some other stuff in the game so it was really frustrating. Last time I touched Mafia III on stream I got killed repeatedly in the same mission.  Same with today’s cast of the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC. Came close to defeating a boss, if by close you meant getting about 30% of it’s health whittled away.

It’s really annoying and I’m sure not fun for the folks watching to see me fail over and over again. If it is fun for them? I really don’t want that in my stream, that’s not my jam and I’m not out here to entertain people by failing.

So I dunno what to do about streaming lately. More and more it’s becoming a thing that could go really well, or really badly and I hate being someone who winds up quitting out on games or rage quitting a mission after failing several times. So IDK if I need a break, maybe using my upcoming travel as a reason to take a few days off, but I actually like streaming and miss it when I’m not on because of the community.

What do stream fam, what do?

Long stream to celebrate 800 + Twitch Followers on Saturday 11/26

So tomorrow is gonna be Ubisoft Saturday at chez Cypher on twitch! I’ve hit 830+ followers so I promised a long stream (12 hours total) to celebrate. Thanks to Escoblades at Ubisoft Montreal, I’ve got two Evie figures to give away.


Obviously, you’ll have to be OK with giving me your address, and if you’re international I might need a little help with postage.

I’ll also have a Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4 to give away on stream as well. Again, you’ll have to be cool with me having an address to ship it to, since it’s a physical copy, never opened.

The first half of the stream will be Watch Dogs 2 for 5-6 hours, a short break to swap games.

happy hacker fam WD2.jpg

I’ll finish up with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, both played on #PS4


So join me at 10 am CST, for celebratory shenanigans

November Streaming updates!

Ok, so I’m doing a LOT of travel in November, so it’s gonna throw my streaming schedule off this month.  However I hit a milestone! So gotta figure out what to do to celebrate it.


Games I am playing on stream right now:

  • Mafia III – PS4
  • CIV VI
  • Skyrim: Special Edition
  • Witcher 3 (replay to get a better build and level up for DLC)

As far as my November stream schedule here’s what I know I’ll be doing:

Thursday 11/3 & Saturday 11/5 – No streaming due to travel

Tuesday 11/8 – Streaming, post voting US Election time TBA. Either Mafia III Skyrim:SE on PC

Thursday 11/10-Wednesday 11/23 – No streaming at all as I’ll be in NYC and Montreal.

Thursday 11/24 – No stream due to Thanksgiving holiday

Saturday 11/26 – Long stream to celebrate 800 Twitch followers! I’ll put a twitter poll up closer to the date. Maybe even a 12 hour stream!

Tuesday 11/29 – Shorter stream due to travel the next day, Time and Game TBD

December is up in the air due to holidays and such.

Follow over at!



I’m doing Extra Life with Team Outpost!

The stream team I’m on, N7 Outpost has an Extra Life team! My goal is $150  and our overall team goal is $1000


Since I’ll be traveling on November 3rd – 5th, all my streams between now and then will be Extra Life Streams. I’ve added a command to give a link for donations and when I stream from PC I’ll be using the Extra Life overlay.

So if you can spare it, drop a couple bucks for a good cause!  or please share our team link/my link.


Streaming schedule through 10/18


Time to get back to Masquerada! I’ll start at 10am CST hopefully until the end, take a little break and get back to Mafia III!

Mafia III_20161010222139

Mafia III

Join me at for more Masquerada: Songs and Shadows then really switching gears to Lincoln Clay in New Bordeaux after a break.

Then no stream on Thursday October 13th, or Saturday October 15th as I’ll be away at a convention. Regular stream schedule will resume on Tuesday, October 18th with more Mafia III

A few Twitch Streamers I recommend you follow

For whatever my two cents is on folks to follow 😛

SimplyUndrea, variety streamer on PS4 Friday – Sunday 11am PST – ?? with special streams. Follow her on twitter to keep up with her schedule.

UGRGaming, variety streamer, lots of horror, Resident Evil. Follow on twitter for his schedule.

SpawnOnMe, Twitch channel by the Spawn on Me crew, follow on twitter for stream announcements.

LSeekrL, variety streamer sometimes with Destiny or other games. Follow on twitter for stream announcements. Also, check out Thumb Stick Mafia

TheWoundGod, variety streamer, sometimes with Destiny or other FPS, mostly on XB1. Also check out GATSpod!

ThePhenomQQ, variety PC streamer currently playing through the Witcher 3 follow on twitter for his schedule

Stephenkil, variety PC streamer on Mondays and Wednesdays, follow on twitter for what he’s playing. Usually it’s the Long Dark on Mondays, a Telltale title on Wednesdays.

Mike_Laidlaw, Wednesdays and Saturdays, occasional extra streams on the weekend or week nights. Indie game on Saturday, lately Persona 4 Golden on Wednesdays. Follow on twitter for a bunch of stuff and stream announcements.

Pokeyoureyesoutgames, Ed and Lola are partnered variety streamers who stream six days a week, with just taking Wednesdays off.

femfreq, Thursdays at 6pm PST, a variety of things and sometimes with devs as guests or other streamers. (I and simplyundrea mod at this channel too)

ehlien, variety from PC, XB1 and PS4. Some sports, some Overwatch or other FPS games. Also game dev podcast along with theFiddzz

TheFiddzz, variety from PC, XB1 and PS4. Some sports, some Overwatch or other FPS games. Also game dev podcast along with ehlien

DJSpectre, variety PC streamer. Some horror, some indie. Follow on twitter for his schedule

GameWithNikkivariety streamer, PC. Currently replaying DAO headcanon edition

Pringtellamostly Mass Effect, Dragon Age and sometimes Assassin’s Creed. Part of the N7 Outpost

Coco_The_Louder, dance and creative streamer. Check twitter for schedule

Streaming @MasqueradaGame today

The fine folks who made Masquerada were kind enough to share the build they showed at PAX West with me, so to celebrate the return of my voice and excitement over passing the 700 follower mark on Twitch, I’ll be doing two games today.

First, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows at 11:00 am CST through finishing it


Then some more FenQuisition!


I’ll figure out what I’m doing to mark 700+ Twitch followers before I head off for GaymerX!