I don’t abide hate following, I am not your ONE TRUE SOURCE for all things racial, fandom, gaming, etc. Don’t quote me and go well my black friend said it as a get out of fuckery free card. I am not your Quote, I am not your get out of I fucked up jail free card.

If you have nothing constructive to say in response to a post… are only going to argue for the sake of arguing, or feel what I say is offensive, lewd, crass or otherwise conflicts with your personal beliefs, then feel free to leave. If you followed me in some errant belief I am here to be your one black friend, or your unpaid, unwilling teacher in how to be a better person, take a hike.

If you are going to comment on anything here, especially if you want to just argue without PROOF, then you will be mocked, ignored and banned, not necessarily in that order. If you drop in on posts older than 6 months old, you will be mocked, your comment deleted and banned again not in that order. This is my little corner of the web, and if you don’t like the rules feel free to leave, just close the door on your way out.