Friday, December 1st

Parasocial Relationships and You 11:30am Mothman Theatre|

Parasocial relationships or one-way relationships in which fans feel like they “know” a media personality have always existed. However with content creation – and especially live streaming – those relationships take on somewhat new twists that many streamers don’t expect. This panel of accomplished content creators TTRPG streamers and and a psychologist (who also streams) will discuss the unusual one-and-a-half-sided parasocial relationships that can exist between you and your community how it can affect you as well as how our panelists have successfully navigated things.

cypheroftyr (she/her) [Creative Director, Into the Mother Lands RPG]
Chris Cinneas (he/him) [Streamer and TTRPG performer]
Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo (he/him) [Clinical Director, Take This]
urbanbohemian (he/they) [TTRPG performer and Voice Actor]
Kelli Butler The Opera Geek (she/her) [TTRPG Performer]
Vee Muse (she/her) [Partner and Talent Manager, Idle Champions]

We Were Already Here : Challenging Coloniality in Games 1:30pm Leviathan Theatre

Players and Game Makers love stories of “discovering” “new” “exotic” lands with extensive dungeons and ruins. The issue is that We Were Already Here. This panel of mental health professionals expert game designers cultural and sensitivity consultants writers and TTRPG players will discuss common TTRPG and Board Game tropes and storylines that reinforce colonialism as well as how to challenge or remove harmful stereotypes and tropes at your table.

Cassie aka Lamia “@MentalWoke” (they/them) [Owner and Psychotherapist at Intersections Center for Complex Healing; Clinical Program Manage, Take This]
Eric SIlver “@el_silvero” (he/him) [Head of Creative DM for Join the Party, Multitude]
Noordin Ali Kadir “@WerewolfFeels” (he/him) [Writer, Designer, Performer, Sensitivity Consultant]
@Cypheroftyr (she/her) [Creative Director, Mother Lands RPG]
Rue Dickey “@ilananight13” (they/he) [Marketing & Media Specialist, Paizo]
Emrys D. “@catlady_lpc” (they/them) [Licensed Professional Counselor]

Hey Listen! A Cozy Chat with Your PTI Fellows 4:30pm Leviathan

PAX West saw the debut of the PTI Fellows program, and it’s expanded for PAXU! We’ve got enough for a full panel to discuss what each of our PAXU Fellows does in the TTRPG space, why they accepted being Fellows and what they hope it will accomplish, along with learning what they do in the TTRPG space.

Hosted by PAX West 23′ PTI Fellow, Tanya DePass, come by and listen to PAXU 23′ Fellows Eugenio Vargas, Brian Gray, Cassie Walker and Pherin Bailey in conversation.

Saturday, December 2nd

How to Stop Having a Non-Melanated Table 1:00pm Crab God Theatre

We’ve all seen it a million times. A new TTRPG stream is teased announced etc. Then then it’s all the same pale faces around the virtual table. When called on it we get the same excuses over and over of they don’t know anyone no POC applied etc. Let’s discuss this and give some useful tips on how to stop recreating the same pale wheel of faces on every new TTRPG stream.

cypheroftyr (she/her) [Creative Director Into the Motherlands RPG, CypherCo LLC]
Eugenio Vargas (he/him) [TTRPG Developer]
PherBear (she/her) [TTRPG Performer]
Critical Bard (he/they) [TTRPG Performer & Twitch Partner]
JadeValkyrie (she/they) [TTRPG Performer]
Lamia (they/them) [Owner, Intersections Center for Complex Healing; Clinical Program Manager, Take This]

Mother Lands Live from PAX Unplugged! 7:00-9:00pm TTRPG Live Play Theatre |

Join the cast of Into the Mother Lands for another live show from PAX Unplugged! Watch as they enjoy an adventure with some of the characters you’ve gotten to know from the stream and our one shot at SDCC Special Edition. You can see our custom built system at play but in person.

Storyteller: Tanya DePass | Cast: Eugenio Vargas, Pherin B, Mandy P & Brian Gray

Sunday, December 3rd

It’s Time for the Talk: Working in Games While Black 12:00pm Leviathan Theatre

Join a group of black creatives designers and contributors in a fireside chat as we talk about cultural sensitivity in games and the impacts of being Black in the gaming world. This panel will be a safe space to relax and voice your thoughts and questions that you may have for us!

Alisha Wilkerson, Maya Colman, Shawn Pierre, Omari Akil, Tanya DePass

Planning for Success: Upgrading Session Zero 1:00pm Crab God Theatre

Session zero is arguably the most important session in TTRPGs. When done well it can help ensure everyone at the table is engaged and comfortable as they collaborate on building their world and story. But what goes into a healthy session zero discussion? Furthermore what is the shelf-life of a session zero? Join our panel of mental health professionals and gamers as they seek to empower players by highlighting the critical elements of session zero behaviors that signal it’s time to revisit session zero and effective communication strategies during difficult conversations to make sure everyone at the table stays on the same page.

Dr. Elizabeth Kilmer (she/they) [Clinical Psychologist and Researcher, Take This]
Cypheroftyr (she/her) [Creative Director, Mother Lands RPG]
Candace McAfee (they/she) [Writer, Voice Actor, TTRPG performer]
Dr. Amelia Herbst (she/her) [Postdoctoral Resident, Save Point Behavioral Health]
Paula Hawthorne (she/her) [Freelance Indie GM]

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