If I’d put everything I’m doing in one post, it would have been way too long so here’s the rest of the stuff I’m up to!

Saturday I’m getting back together with the #Vamily over at Qeueu Times for a double header of a panel and VtM game with the illustrious B. Dave Walters presiding.

Vamily shenanigans August 1st

THIS SATURDAY AT NOON PST, a special 2-part event on @_Queuetimes: Noon – 1:30 a conversation on race, creativity, #BlackLivesMatter and where we go from here. 2 – 5 Vampire the Masquerade West Coast 1-shot, #Vamily 

Watch the panel and game over at twitch.tv/queuetimes starting at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/2pm Eastern/1pm Mountain

We’ll be hyping up B. Dave’s documentary, “Dear America, From a Black Guy” <– link let’s you donate!!

Storyteller: B. Dave Walters


  • Krystina Arielle
  • Omega Jones
  • Alicia Marie
  • Tanya DePass
  • Ify Nwadiwe

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Our next episode of the seventh season of Rivals of Waterdeep kicks off at 10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm Eastern/11am Mountain at twitch.tv/dnd

DM: Shareef Jackson


  • LaTia Jacquise
  • Masood Haque
  • Tanya DePass
  • Brandon Stennis

Copy of RoW Banner with Character Art

Then we hop over to #GenConOnline for another adventure, led by LaTia Jacquise at 2:30 Central/3:30 Eastern/1:30 Mountain/12:30 Central

Get a ticket: https://www.gencon.com/events/190279

Watch live at twitch.tv/gencontv

Rivals of Waterdeep is a group from the Chicago area that combines newer players of D&D with experienced roleplayers to show just how easy it is to have a good time creating a story together with your friends. They’ve been doing a weekly Actual Play livestream that features an all POC cast to tell a story set in one of the most iconic cities in the Forgotten Realms for six seasons! Rivals of Waterdeep streams on the D&D Twitch channel (twitch.tv/dnd) at 12pm Central/10am Pacific/1pm Eastern

GenCon Online Promo RoW

DM: LaTia Jacquise


  • Shareef Jackson
  • Masood Haque
  • Tanya DePass
  • Brandon Stennis