This week’s travel is for @Official_GDC and the @Bawgames Conference!

COMMENCE PRE-GDC FLAILING ABOUT HOW I'M NOT READY YET I'm actually getting into town a little early for the Bay Area Womxn in Games Conference where I'll be talking about being safe online and dealing with harassment as a broadcaster.  Here's what I'm speaking about at GDC Diversity Advocates Roundtable Day 1: Maintaining Community Initiatives, … Continue reading This week’s travel is for @Official_GDC and the @Bawgames Conference!

Announcing the Romance Option Podcast!

Announcing the Romance Option Podcast! Sex, Love, and Geekery. Two queer black women giving you frank talk about relationships. Hosted by @biancajand & @cypheroftyr See, if you leave me and Bianca alone for a few days, we come up with ideas! Romance Option will be a monthly podcast where we take your relationship questions and get … Continue reading Announcing the Romance Option Podcast!

My @norwescon schedule!

I just can't stay away from Seattle it seems! I'm a Gaming Pro Guest for Norwescon 41, March 29-April 1, 2018. Here's where you can see me talk about stuff! Thursday March 29 Fandom and the New Meta  3:00 - 4:00pm @ Cascade 9 Berlynn Wohl (M), Dame Ruth, Tanya DePass Captain Kirk is a … Continue reading My @norwescon schedule!

ICYMI – A Whole lot has happened this week, goodness!

Hello lovely friends! This week has been pretty damn surreal cause it's been such a wild week of good news in Cyphervania. So here in one bundle (HA!) is all that's happened this week that I have spread around on various social sites. Adult Swim shoutout! A couple friends captured that I got shouted out … Continue reading ICYMI – A Whole lot has happened this week, goodness!

My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

Here's my final PAX East schedule! I Need Diverse Games will also be in the Diversity Lounge once more, hours 10am-6pm April 5, 6, 7 & 8.   "How to Network When You're Awkward as H*ck" April 5th, Bumblee Theatre, 1pm  It's advice you'll get over and over again about breaking into the industry: network! It's … Continue reading My final #PAXEast 2018 schedule!

My Hugo Award eligibility post for 2018!

Hugo Award nominations are now open through March 16, 2018, and I’m pleased to share I’m eligible for consideration in a few categories. I am eligible for consideration for Best Fan Writer. Articles that I wrote in 2017 include: Dream Daddy has a problem with Bisexual Representation – and it’s name is Joseph The Backlash … Continue reading My Hugo Award eligibility post for 2018!

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth y’all!

It’s officially Black History Month! Do me a solid & support black creatives if you’re not already doing so. Often our Patreons, crowd funded ideas get less support than others.We have to deal the extra layers of BS that comes with our work being labelled as whatever others deem fit; thus excusing them not supporting … Continue reading Happy #BlackHistoryMonth y’all!