Why Game Dads Matter

I Need Diverse Games

By Tauriq Moosa

Male power fantasies have long focused on bulking up men, whether physically, or intellectually, and using their powers to defeat their enemies. Whether it’s a Stallone or a McClane, a Sherlock or a Dr House, portrayals of men in media has focused on providing them seeming immunity, due to some extraordinary quality primarily designed to defeat obstructions before them. Physicality provides immunity from death (Terminator, Conan, Die Hard) and intellect from consequences (Dr House MD, Sherlock, etc.).

Video games too have long had such no-necked, muscle men as heroes –who progressed primarily through defeating their enemies. But, after the horrific year that was 2017, I was delighted to see more games embrace alternatives to masculinity where progress wasn’t dependent on conquering.

In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the lead character Bayek is a large, powerful warrior who can slaughter and kill entire garrisons. Yet, he is also a…

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Tales from the Margin Anthology – Contributor announcement!

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My @OrcaCon Schedule!

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So about that Patreon eh?

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Ways to support my work, and keep me doing this diversity thing as a FT gig

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It’s my last con of the year! #PAXUnplugged is this weekend!

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