Woo @gen_con is this week!

I'll be heading to GenCon in a couple days for my first timer there and as an Industry Insider Featured Presenter!  I'll be on a few panels and the rest of the time I'll be wandering around the show floor, hitting up free play games and also decompressing a lot cause it looks like there will … Continue reading Woo @gen_con is this week!

On pointing out things & being critical of media

I really wish people would understand pointing out things does not equal looking to be offended. Or crying racism for lol's. For example, I shared this image from Hellblade on the I Need Diverse Games tumblr as well as on twitter, along with follow up text & table flip gif: Everyone is talking about the perma-death … Continue reading On pointing out things & being critical of media

PAX Dev and PAX West Panels are a go!

These are the PAX Dev and PAX West panels I'm doing. Schedule and participants subject to change.  Fans and Devs: Where's the Middle Ground? August 29, Grand 1 2:30 pm Whether we're talking about a nostalgic favorite game, or a beloved game series, online spaces have become hostile territory where devs have to tread lightly … Continue reading PAX Dev and PAX West Panels are a go!

Here’s my #GenCon50 panel schedule!

Here's my GenCon 50 schedule sorted for Industry Insider Panels! Full listing of Industry Insider sessions  I am unsure what panels have tickets left cause I don't know how it works to get tickets to panels at GenCon.  Livestreaming Your Table Thursday 3pm Room 245 Aljernon Bolden, Kat Kuhl and Tanya DePass How to best utilize twitch or … Continue reading Here’s my #GenCon50 panel schedule!

Announcement: I’m now part of @OrcaCon’s staff as the Programming Coordinator!

I’m excited to announce that I am part of OrcaCon staff as the Programming Coordinator as of OrcaCon 2018! What does this mean exactly? Well, I’m helping to review programming in order to make sure that panels have a diverse range of speakers, and also that the convention’s programming is good, diverse and doesn’t turn … Continue reading Announcement: I’m now part of @OrcaCon’s staff as the Programming Coordinator!

About ‘father’s day’ for me…

This was my post last year for father’s day. Not much has changed, well that’s not true. I’m even more bitter about the day and the non-stop nagging from social media, adverts etc extolling me to show dad I CARE by spending money.

I wish someone would make an honest card line for folks who have a shit time on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, other hallmark days that try to do more of guilting you into showing affection by spending money than by actually caring for a parent or grandparent.

Still angry and I doubt that will change.

The random musings of a 1973 Original

This was originally posted 12 years ago on my Livejournal, and I’ve copied the text over since that blog is pretty locked down, if you went to the post here; it’s even password protected.

Not much has changed since writing this post so long ago in terms of father’s day and how I feel about it. It’s always going  to be a hard day for me I guess. I still snarl at the father’s day adverts that slip by my filters cause of witty phrasing, or terms that weren’t around when I set those filters in place.

It’s hard to see the love I missed out on, the reminder that I was never to have that paternal figure in my life. Instead I got a person who I met in passing, and now have forgotten, same as he forgot me forty-three years ago.

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