My @MAGFest Schedule!

What's your gamer identity?  How we classify video game players in gaming culture Friday 11:30 AM, Forum Anne Marie Porter [M], Rhonda Moore, Tanya DePass We'll discuss how research, industry, and the gaming community categorizes different types of gamers, and how this impacts gaming culture.  What characteristics do we use to create gamer categories?  How … Continue reading My @MAGFest Schedule!

Thoughts on Gaming, Identity and Cuphead

This was originally posted on Patreon on October 1, 2017 and is possible through the generosity of my Patrons. So I'm not really on the woooo Cuphead is amazing and the way, truth and light of gaming train. It looks amazing but it also looks like the racist ass cartoons I remember seeing in re-runs … Continue reading Thoughts on Gaming, Identity and Cuphead

My @GaymerX East Schedule

Saturday, November 4th Compelling Combat 12:30 pm Panels B - 5411 Blaine Anderson (M), Alex Zandra Van Chestein, Rachel Bazelaise, Tanya DePass Many games have combat in them as a gameplay device or a vehicle for the story to progress, but how many games actually need combat and how many could benefit more without? Let's … Continue reading My @GaymerX East Schedule

Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins* – Call for Submissions is Open!

In case you missed the announcement, I am editing an anthology for CRC Press, due out in 2018. Submissions open on June 12, 2017 and end on August 15, 2017. Contributors whose work is selected for publication will be paid. I am writing/editing a book for Focal Press about marginalized folks in games. It will … Continue reading Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins* – Call for Submissions is Open!

I’m editing an anthology!

I can finally share the news I've been sitting on for a while!  I'm super excited to announce that I've been asked to edit a collection of essays from marginalized game developers and folks adjacent to the industry by CRC Press. The book will be available in 2018, exact date to be determined.  Submission information … Continue reading I’m editing an anthology!

Listen to me trying out #TorgEternity by @USNAGames on @OneShotRPG!

So I have been getting back into tabletop lately and with that came a chance to help test out Torg Eternity, by USNA Games! We recorded a session for One Shot RPG, which you can check out on the One Shot site, i.e a game in four parts. Check out USNA Games on twitter and … Continue reading Listen to me trying out #TorgEternity by @USNAGames on @OneShotRPG!

ICYMI – I was interviewed about @INeedDivGms by the @chicagotribune!

I Need Diverse Games works to give minorities and women a louder voice in gaming  Amina ElahiContact ReporterBlue Sky Innovation An Xbox. Two PlayStations. A gaming PC. A Nintendo 3DS. These are the tools of a gamer's kit, but this is no ordinary gamer. This is a gamer looking to shake up the system. Tanya … Continue reading ICYMI – I was interviewed about @INeedDivGms by the @chicagotribune!