So, Faces of Thedas is out and one of my favorite characters isn’t in the book. Yes, you read that correctly; Fenris is not statted out for use in a campaign either as a NPC or PC. So, I took the format used in the book for characters getting a full spread, and applied to Fenris.

IMPORTANT NOTES: This is absolutely in no way, shape or form endorsed or approved by Bioware, Dragon Age or Green Ronin. I did this as a fan who loves RPG’s that was disappointed a major character of Dragon Age II was not written up in the book.

Also, please note a lot of what’s in this character write up is cribbed heavily from The World of Thedas, Volume II where Fenris is profiled on pages 158, 169-171 as well as the Dragon Age Wiki entries on Fenris and the Tevinter Emporium. The Section on the Imperial Divine is from Faces of Thedas, as a supplement to information. What I wrote up was mainly his stat block and the section on “Playing Fenris”.

Feel free to download this sheet or if you want to make a copy of the format and edit for your own campaign? Here’s a COPY of the document I created. Please make your own copy of this document for personal use only.

I am not trying to get sued by Bioware, EA, anyone at Green Ronin or who wrote any of the source material for the DA II videogame. I did this entirely for fun, not profit y’all.