So I’ve gotten a bit of press recently and wanted to share it with y’all. I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ubisoft Toronto to be part of the second Black Game Pros Mixer event in early February!  Check out some of the coverage and when the video of the panel is available

Image Courtesy Andie Gbinigie 
UbiBGP TorontoTweet 02
Image courtesy Ubisoft Toronto

I was also highlighted by X Box Ambassadors for Black History Month! Check out the blog post below, and here’s the tweet in case you want to check out everyone covered in the post!

In celebration of we are highlighting the Black industry professionals who inspire us and the communities they lead. This week, is I Need Diverse Games Founder & Director Tanya DePass To learn more about her work, visit our blog.

xbox ambassador highlight tweet quote

“For Black History Month, we at the Xbox Ambassadors want to highlight some of the black industry professionals who inspire us. As the month progresses we’ll highlight each individual here, giving them the top spot for a week. Each one of them provides wisdom from perspectives on gaming, content creation, and moderation, to issues of diversity, representation, and inclusion. Their ideas and stories are best told from their mouths, so check out the links included with their highlights and be prepared to become better.”

Read more at the XBox Ambassador BlogCelebrating Black History Month 2020 by Celebrating Black Industry Professionals

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