It’s my lightest #PAXWest yet! Just two panels this year. I’ll be in town for a week though, and hopefully get to see folks in the evenings. But here’s my two things!

Wrong Answers Only – Bad Advice from Great DM’s ~ Part Deux

Friday 6:00pm ET – Oriole Theatre [Not Streamed AFAIK]

In the return of this hit panel from PAX Unplugged 2021 we’re bringing back some familiar faces and adding some new ones! You have a TTRPG problem you need to solve? They’ll help…ish! You have TTRPG questions? They certainly have responses which technically qualify as answers! You need advice? They have it! It’s just not the advice anyone wanted. Join our brilliant panel of GMs as we all share a good laugh and some terrible advice.

Doctor B (he/him) [Clinical Director/Psychologist, Take This]
Cypheroftyr (she/her) [TTRPG Dev, Performer, Into the Mother Lands]
Makenzie De Armas (she/her) [Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast]
Lauren Urban (she/her) [Content Manager, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms] HTTPaladin (they/them) [Freelancer]
Amelia Herbst (she/her) [Program Coordinator – Assessments, Game to Grow]

Amazing Black Femmes in Gaming

Saturday 11:30am ET – Monarch Theatre [Streamed]

Meet and chat with a round table of amazing black femme content creators game devs and hosts in the gaming industry. Join us as we celebrate the diversity of black femme excellence in the community.

@jadevalkyrie (she/they) [Host & Content Creator]
@msashrocks (she/her) [Content Creator]
@ctrlaltquin (they/them) [Content Creator]
@sugargamer (she/her) [CEO, Sugar Gamers]
@cypheroftyr (she/her) [Content Creator and Game Dev]