I am writing/editing a book for Focal Press about marginalized folks in games. It will be a series of essays by game developers whose identities intersect and for lack of a better phrase, fall outside the margins of those who usually get to talk about their experiences.I am also seeking people who are adjacent to gaming who could contribute personal essays about their experiences as marginalized gamers.

This book would be a follow up to Jennifer Brandes Hepler’s Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level Cap, released last year. 

Contributors will be talking in their own words about their experiences in the industry, what challenges they’ve faced and why they keep working here. It’s going to be organized primarily by field (a few programmers, a few artists, etc). Placed between the essays from industry members, there would be the personal essays mentioned above.For those in the industry, I’m asking for a 2500-word essay on your experiences.  If you are in an adjacent field, I’d like to have a 1000 to 1500-word piece.

If you’re interested, please fill out this short google form, and submit your piece by August 15, 2017 by sharing it via google docs to marginsantho@gmail.com  I’d like a mix of experienced and up-and-coming devs, and a mix of AAA and indie. As well as those who would like to contribute a personal essay on how your identity influences or affects your work as someone adjacent to the industry.

Thanks. I look forward to reading all the submissions! 

* = Title is subject to change before text is finalized


Q: Can someone who is in tabletop or mainly rpg development submit an essay?

A: Yes

Q: I’m x, y, z ethnicity and/or orientation can I submit an essay?

A: I am seeking essays from people on different axis/intersections of marginalized identity

Q: I’m cis, straight, white, hetero, abled; can I submit?

A: Yes, but you’re likely going to be rejected.

Q: What exactly are you looking for?

A: Essays from marginalized developers & those adjacent on intersection of identity & industry experiences 

Q: What does adjacent mean?

A: You don’t do development but your work is tied to the industry as a podcaster, journo, streaming

Q: What about payment?

A: Contributors whose work goes into the book will be paid.

Q: Aren’t you excluding cis, white, straight etc, etc. by focusing on marginalized developers & others?

A: No, plenty of works focusing on your stories, experiences, etc already exist

Q: What’s the deadline?

A: Essay is due August 15th midnight central us time

Q: When will I hear back if I submit a piece?

A: Hopefully late Sept/mid-October

Q: how do I submit?

A: Share your essay via Google docs to marginsantho@gmail.com

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Email me at marginsantho@gmail.com

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