My PAX Unplugged Schedule – 2019 edition! Also, I Need Diverse Games is back in the Diversity Lounge!

This year we’re going to have an exclusive D20 pin designed and made by Geekify, Inc to purchase! All proceeds keeps INDG alive and kicking. Pins will be $15, cash or card accepted.

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Not Having Racism in your campaign or settings, revisited

Friday, December 6, 6:00 pm  Leviathan Theatre

Tabletop is growing and expanding, and with it there’s an increased need for diversity at the table. Let’s talk frankly about why racism at the table shouldn’t be a thing you do as a GM or player. Also, let’s get real about racism in our settings and campaigns, talk about what we can do to stamp it out as much as possible in a land where elves, orcs, and dragons roam but racism seems to be a never-ending boss battle. Let’s see how TTRPG’s have done since last year?


Tanya DePass [M], Brian Gray, Elwarius, GabeJames Makes Games, Allie Bustion

Forgotten Core

Saturday, December 7, 1:00 pm Mothman Theatre (Note: This panel will be streamed)

It’s amazing to have access to all manner of supplemental materials, DMs Guild products, and the entire internet to help us create our D&D games. But when is the last time you read the core rulebooks? Did you know how much is hiding in there? We will present some of our favorite forgotten gems in the PHB, DMG and MM, and why knowing those basics can help us create better homebrew!


Tanya DePass, Eugenio Vargas, Hannah Rose, Celeste Conowitch, Lauren “OboeCrazy” Urban [M], Kikka Delarose

Queer Quests: Unplugged Edition

Sunday, December 8, 11:30 am Crab God Theatre

Video and tabletop games offer thousands of experiences. Have you ever explored an entire virtual world just because you could?  Ever play as a different gender or another sexuality? Games not only offer us a glimpse into fantastical universes, but can allow us to experiment with our own identities. This can be especially influential for LGBTQ+ folks. Join GaymerX & friends in a retrospective of queer quests, sapphic stories, bi battles, and terrific transformations in games that helped discover who we are.


Brian Kunde [Culture & Operations Director, GaymerX], [M] Tanya DePass [Programming & Diversity Liaison, GaymerX], Sharang Biswas [Game Designer, Writer, & Artist; Independent], Eugenio Vargas [Producer, Last Refuge Podcast], Ashton Duncan [Senior Producer, Roll20]