TwitchCon vods aren’t yet separated out into individual panels, but I’ve gotten the links and the time stamps for y’all!

Come Watch My Stream and Other Things Not to Say!

Watch here: 0:00hr – 1hr:15min mark

Welcome to a panel designed to educate streamers, viewers, and everyone in-between on the dos and don’ts of social media with a heavy focus on Twitch Etiquette. Join in the discussion how to interact with fellow casters and communities and get tips and tricks to being a great member of the Twitch community.

Kintinue (M), MegKaylee, Wish, Imperialgrrl, cypheroftyr (I Need Diverse Games)

How to Grow & Navigate Twitch as a Streamer Of Color

Watch here: 3hr:14min – 4hr:16min mark

Different streamers & content creators of color will provide advice and tips on how to grow on Twitch and within the gaming space at large. Get advice on how to deal with toxicity, how to use analytics and demographical breakdowns to grow within your community/niche, and more. The goal of this panel is to provide insight to new and current creators so they can grow and thrive.

cypheroftyr (I Need Diverse Games) (M), MsAshRocks, MajinTaj, Jennasaisquoi, Xmiramira

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Mental Health in Streaming

Watch here:  0:00hr – 1hr:10min

Despite increased attention in the last few years, mental health in streaming remains a source of confusion for many. What should streamers know about mental health, and how do you support your community without burning yourself out? How do you balance success and self-care? Join mental health nonprofit and a panel of streamers as they discuss all these questions and more.

TheeDoctorB (M), Kate, MissKyliee, cypheroftyr (I Need DiverseGames), dayebraham_lincoln, SuperSaiyanDrM

Break Out of the Box – How to Craft the Ultimate Tabletop Stream

Watch here: 1hr:40min – 2hr:45min mark

Tabletop games are more popular than ever with interest in them building every year. Capture the hearts and minds of this burgeoning market by learning the secrets of encapsulating what makes tabletop games so beloved and presenting it on the stream screen in all it’s meeple glory. Setting up a tabletop stream can be daunting, but there are simple solutions and best practices to help you break out of the video game box and into the tabletop one. Let this panel guide you on your way to the ultimate tabletop game stream.

gregtito (M), Greg Collins (Wizards of the Coast), AdamKoebel, cypheroftyr (Rivals of Waterdeep)

Building a Better Stream Community

Watch here: 04hr:43min – 05hr:45min mark

Often times Twitch and other online spaces are treated as ruleless areas where anything goes and one needs to have a thick skin to prosper. It doesn’t have to be that way, and streamers from a variety of backgrounds will discuss ways in which to have a better and more welcoming community in your streaming spaces.

cypheroftyr (I Need Diverse Games) (M), AdamKoebel, Imperialgrrl, Friskk, TheeDoctorB