My @OrcaCon Schedule

Oh hey OrcaCon is this weekend! Here's my panel schedule y'all. Saturday, January 12th 10:00 am Better Realism for Better Worlds: We Did the Research for You I don't want to hear about how arm-chair "realistic" it is to default to miss-recorded Western medieval standards of race, gender, sexuality. This panel dissects the 101 History … Continue reading My @OrcaCon Schedule

My MAGFest 2019 Schedule

I'm going back to MAGFest y'all. Here's my panel schedule as part of MAGES. Mental Health Representation in Games Thursday Jan 3rd. 4:00 pm MAGES 2 Mental health representation takes many forms in games, and can be helpful or harmful. Games like Hellblade explicitly address psychosis through the use of sound and mechanics, and are … Continue reading My MAGFest 2019 Schedule

My 2018 @TheHugoAwards eligibility post

I’m pleased to share I’m eligible for consideration for the Hugo Awards in a few categories for works created in 2018. I edited Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins a collection of essays in which POC, LGBTQIA, and other gamers with marginalized identities, shared their personal stories about what it’s like being part … Continue reading My 2018 @TheHugoAwards eligibility post

Have a devishly good time with your community playing Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers I got a chance to play Thing Trunk's Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers thank you to Chris Priestly at Evolve PR for providing a review key. It's a fun Rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitch integration well. Your viewers can help or hinder you as you make your way through each dungeon level. … Continue reading Have a devishly good time with your community playing Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers

A quick review of @XSplit’s VCam app

Disclosure: I was asked to use VCam by XSplit, and provided a Logitech C922 webcam + One Year Premium XSplit license. So #Sponsored content ahead! It's good, I promise 😉 For those of you that stream, XSplit released a green screen application, VCam that lets you have a virtual greenscreen or background image instead of … Continue reading A quick review of @XSplit’s VCam app

TwitchCon Vods!!

TwitchCon vods aren't yet separated out into individual panels, but I've gotten the links and the time stamps for y'all! Come Watch My Stream and Other Things Not to Say! Watch here: 0:00hr - 1hr:15min mark Welcome to a panel designed to educate streamers, viewers, and everyone in-between on the dos and don’ts of … Continue reading TwitchCon Vods!!