I’m returning to BlerdCon this weekend for their 3rd event!

I’m only doing two panels this time, both on Sunday morning! You can see the full panel lineup here

#BlackTwitter: Navigating and Making Social Media Work for you as a Black Nerd

10:00 am Eastern, Jefferson Room

Twitter is the new watercooler, and Black Twitter is leading the way in terms of how the platform shapes discussion, influence, social change and trends. 

Tanya DePass [M], Shonte Daniels and Lila Bobina

Hustle and Flow: Real talk on Making it

11:00 am Eastern, Jefferson Room

It’s easy to see people where you want to be, but we don’t talk about how they had to hustle, grind and work to get “there”. Let’s have some real talk on what you don’t see beyond the name and fame; especially about what some people think success looks like versus the reality.

Tanya DePass [M], Brian Gray, Shonte Daniels

I’m home for two weeks then I have so, so much going on! I’ll be at Game Devs of Color Expo, then home for a couple days before a gauntlet of travel that I’ll discuss in another post.