Saturday 9/3

Marginalized Identities and The Power of RPG – 11:30am PT – Horse Theatre

Image by JadeValyrie

Every day we get assigned roles and expectations that directly affect how we interact with the world both negatively and positively. However, one might find it constricting to be only in roles assigned, not chosen. Or perhaps, a person does not identify with that role and wants to explore other paths. This can be difficult, especially for marginalized identities IRL but how about in games? In what ways do we explore roles as we play? What about this particular genre sparks joy? Join our roundtable of RPG developers, performers, and fellow fans in this discussion-based panel.

Jade Valkyrie [Host/Producer, Freelance], Abby Sherlock (She/Her) [Producer/Host, Freelance], Tanya DePass (She/Her) [Creative Director, Into the Mother Lands RPG], Chrissy Crits [LSW,MSW , Arise], PondPlays [Professional TTRPG Performer and GM, Freelance]

How Did You Get That Job?! Games and Nonprofit Edition – 4:30pm PT – Sandworm Theatre

Are you interested in working in the gaming industry? Always thought a nonprofit might be a good fit but not sure where to start? This panel is for you! We’ve collected a group of panelists who work in nonprofits in the gaming industry – they’ll tell you tales of how they made it to their current position, and offer recommendations to those considering a shift into this space in the future.

Erick Blandin (He/Him) [Pediatric Gaming Technology Manager, Child’s Play], Christine Edwards (She/Her) [Sr. Foundation Manager, Bungie Foundation], Eve Crevoshay (She/Her) [Executive Director, Take This], Adam Johns, LMFT (He/Him) [Co-Founder and Executive Director, Game to Grow ], Tanya De Pass (She/Her) [Creative Director, Into the Motherlands RPG], Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD (She/Her) [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow]

Sunday 9/4

Amazing Black Femmes in Gaming – 1:30pm PT – Sandworm Theatre

Image by JadeValkyrie

Meet and chat with a round table of amazing black femme content creators, game devs, and hosts in the gaming industry. Join us as we celebrate the diversity of the black femme excellence in the community, featuring Tanya DePass (Into the Motherlands), MunchkinDoom (Content Creator), Amanda Stevens (Trans Lifeline), and Izzy Kento (Content Creator). Moderated by Jade Valkyrie.

Jade Valkyrie [Host/Producer], Amanda Stevens (She/They) [Gaming Ambassador, Trans Lifeline], Munchkindoom [Content Creator], Tanya DePass (She/Her) [Creative Director, Into the Mother Lands RPG], Izzy Kento [Content Creator]

Beyond Tolkien: A well of worlds beyond Euro-centric TTRPGs 4:30pm PT Horse Theatre

How do we open the door for more people to join the hobby, the community? How do we open world building and telling stories through games? Join the conversation as industry voices speak on their drives, hurdles but also success in contributing as BIMPOC creators. How do our experiences & cultural backgrounds affect building worlds through new options in a previously predominant European narrative, set in tradition and boxed on scope for the TTRPG experience through the previously majority white cis hetero-normative purview. What does that growth look like, and why does it matter? What can we expect in the coming years. Join the panel in discussion on how the world becomes bigger when we open the door to themes and stories outside of the box, on how we build accessibility, representation and diversity through design and play.

Mike Balles [Writer, Translator, Game Designer, Freelancer, Nahual RPG, Cartel], Claudia Sanchez [Writer, Translator, Proofreader, Freelancer, Nahual RPG, Cartel], Tanya DePass [Founder, Producer, Creative Director, INDG, Rivals of Waterdeep, Into the Motherlands], Connor Alexander [Owner, Coyote & Crow], Justice Ramin Arman [Senior Game Designer, WOTC D&D]

Monday 9/5

Managing Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome For Streamers 4:00pm PT – Horse Theatre

Many streamers have an on-screen presentation, that while *part* of who they are, doesn’t tell the whole story of them as a human. This can contribute to imposter syndrome, where you feel less competent than you are being perceived by others. Our panel of streamers and mental health experts will discuss the current research on imposter syndrome, share their own experiences, and offer practical advice to support your own well-being.

LaTia Jacquise (She/Her) [Community Relations Coordinator, Monte Cook Games], @dashmaker_ (they/them) [Audio Engineer, Esports Engine], Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD (She/Her) [Director of Education and Training, Game to Grow], @CamillaPanda [Content Creator, CamillaPanda], Tanya DePass [Creative Director, Into the Motherlands RPG]