The schedule for PAX Unplugged 2022 is now live!

Here’s my appearance schedule that’s still a little in flux. This will be updated as the PAXU schedule is updated more.

Gloomhaven: Announcement and Live Play Experience

Friday December 2nd, 2022 1 pm Main Theatre

Watch at

Join designer Isaac Childres as he announces and then leads a group of rag tag Mercenaries through a surprise new title set in the Gloomhaven universe.

Panelists: Jerry Holkins [Penny Arcade, PAX, & Child’s Play], Tanya DePass [Rivals of Waterdeep & Into the Mother Lands], Danny Quach [Roll20, Free RPG Day, & @Br00taldan], Monica Paprocki [Geeks A Gogo & Cephalofair], Alexander JL Theoharis [Jaws of the Lion & Frosthaven]

Welcome to Koboldchella! An All-Bard One-Shot!

7-8pm Eastern – Mothman Theatre – Watch on /PAX2

KOBOLDCHELLA WELCOMES YOU ALL! Join us for a concert that will make you scream, for better or for worse! With Tanya DePass, Little Red Dot, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Eugenio Vargas, Joshua Simons, & DM Omega Jones (Critical Bard), this rockin’ romp is one you don’t want to miss!

Omega Jones (He/they) [Actor & Content Creator, N/A], Little Red Dot [Content Production Manager, Kobold Press], Tanya DePass (She/Her) [Twitch Partner, RPG Developer and Consultant, I Need Diverse Games], Michelle Nguyen Bradley (She/her/they) [Producer, Host, Voice Actor, N/A], Eugenio Vargas (He/Him) [Actor & Producer, The Last Refuge: A D&D Podcast], Joshua Simons (He/Him) [Community and Content Manager, Demiplane]

Mother Lands RPG – Live from PAX Unplugged

8:30-10:30pm Eastern Mothman Theatre

Join the cast of Into the Mother Lands for the first live show from PAX Unplugged! Watch as they enjoy an adventure with some the characters you’ve gotten to know from the stream, and our one shot at SDCC Special Edition. We’ll be almost done with our fourth season, so you can see our custom built system  at play but in person.

Eugenio Vargas, Omega Jones, Tanya DePass, Brian Gray & Mandy P

Saturday December 3rd

TTRPG Freelancing 301: Sustainability and Next Steps 1:00pm Eastern – Crabgod Theatre

Even established freelancers struggle from time to time with work-life balance, with saying “no” to projects that won’t properly compensate them, or with being firm with clients who overstep what their contracts call for. Come learn some of the more advanced issues of being a tabletop freelancer from both sides of the relationship, and hear part of the discussion of where the industry can still learn from its past mistakes.

Brian Cortijo [M], Tanya DePass, Connor Alexander, Lauren Urban, Banana Chan & Mario Ortegon

Sunday December 4th

Rivals Live from PAXU!

1pm Eastern – Main Stage (Watch on

The Rivals of Waterdeep are into their 14th season! Join them for a wild time towards the culmination of this season of high level play, shenanigans and a new DM in the hot seat! There may even be spacey times ahead ahead for the crew!

Tanya DePass [DM], Brian Gray, LaTia Jacquise, Masood Haque, Shareef Jackson & Eugenio Vargas