LUD MysteryDice Reveal

I got a mystery package from #Sponsor Level Up Dice! We checked inside and there was a lovely note from Diana M as well as the following!

D20 – Dark Blue Aluminium
D20 – Serpentine Jade (discontinued?)
D12 – Snowflake Obsidian
D10 – Bloodstone
D8 – Amethyst
D6 – Hematite (frontier font)
D4 – Pink Striped Agate (discontinued)
D100 –Malachite

(They are shown in their new home, a WyrmwoodHex Dice vault with a hand drawn map by Deven Rue on the lid!)

The Actual Play D&D show that I’m on, @RivalsOfWaterdeep is part of The @LevelUpDice Diceomancy program! Use our link to purchase your faves from Level Up Dice and help us gain XP! smol Diceomancer logo


Here’s the unboxing vid from today’s stream!


Thanks again to Level Up Dice for providing this hand picked set of Mystery Dice for the purposes of review and use.