My @BlerdConDC schedule!

My next convention I'm paneling at is BlerdCon in VA. Here's where you can find me on panels that weekend of July 27-29, 2018 Friday July 27th How to Stream Your Tabletop Sessions - Friday 5:30 to 6:30 pm Saturday July 28th Diversifying Your Table: How Not to Be *THAT* GM - Saturday 12 Noon to 1:00 pm Playing … Continue reading My @BlerdConDC schedule!

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth y’all!

It’s officially Black History Month! Do me a solid & support black creatives if you’re not already doing so. Often our Patreons, crowd funded ideas get less support than others.We have to deal the extra layers of BS that comes with our work being labelled as whatever others deem fit; thus excusing them not supporting … Continue reading Happy #BlackHistoryMonth y’all!

ICYMI – I was interviewed about @INeedDivGms by the @chicagotribune!

I Need Diverse Games works to give minorities and women a louder voice in gaming  Amina ElahiContact ReporterBlue Sky Innovation An Xbox. Two PlayStations. A gaming PC. A Nintendo 3DS. These are the tools of a gamer's kit, but this is no ordinary gamer. This is a gamer looking to shake up the system. Tanya … Continue reading ICYMI – I was interviewed about @INeedDivGms by the @chicagotribune!

My updated @C2E2 schedule!

The 2017 C2E2 schedule is finally live! So here's an updated and accurate schedule of panels I'll be on with links. You Have Died From Exposure: The Importance Of Compensating Geeky Marginalized Creators Jennifer Cross [M], Michi Trota, Suzanne Walker, Charlie Hawkins April 21, 6:45 - 7:45 pm S405a “Do It for the Exposure!” “Aren’t … Continue reading My updated @C2E2 schedule!

ICYMI, I shared my #WorldMentalHealthDay story

(originally pulled together over at from a tweet thread) It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay and I want to share something with y’all. Hopefully I won’t regret this. I have depression and anxiety. Ever since losing my day job, it’s gotten worse. The stress of keeping @INeedDivGms afloat hasn’t helped. A few years ago, I was on the … Continue reading ICYMI, I shared my #WorldMentalHealthDay story

Why do we have abuse reporting on social media again?

[Post collated from some tweets originally posted on July 17th, 2016] TW: Racial Slurs So I reported the guy who followed me on YT and has a video titled Fuck Niggers uploaded. Only 1 of 2 that are on the page. This is what I got from YT Safety & Abuse. Who sees something wrong with … Continue reading Why do we have abuse reporting on social media again?

Can y’all believe @OutOfTokensCast is almost a year old!

It's been nearly a year since our little gaming podcast, Fresh Out of Tokens was released out in the wild for folks. For a show that started on a whim and a $50 mic, and Skype mp3 recorder, put together in 8 hours, we've done pretty good eh? So if you've enjoyed the show, have … Continue reading Can y’all believe @OutOfTokensCast is almost a year old!