So on November 12th, 2017 I got partnered on Twitch! A year has flown by already y’all! Still growing the channel and trying to hit some sub goals by the end of this anniversary month. So I’m doing a sub-athon for the month of November! I’m also traveling Nov 1-4 so the subathon may start a little early or run into December so it’s a full month long.

Updated Subathon Nov 2018

Here’s the image text for those that need a more accessible version:

  • 250 Subscribers = I’ll play Friday the 13th with Subscribers (on PS4)
  • 375 Subscribers = Long Co-op stream w/subscribers – Your choice and game key giveaways
  • 500 Subscribers = Run a Dragon Age Tabletop session with subscribers (on or off stream)
  • 750 Subscribers = 12 hour stream, subscribers picks the game and played game will rotate every 4 hours
  • 1000 Subscribers = Nintendo Switch Giveaway -OR- $300 Gift Card to Amazon or Gamestop 
  • 2000 Subscribers = Fortnite* with Subscribers on PS4

So I have a bunch of twitch swag sitting around, so I’m adding in a prize pack of things you can’t go out and get on the Amazon Twitch store!

Subathon pack 01


  • Twitch notebook
  • Coloring book from TwitchCon 2018 Partner party
  • “Hello My Twitch ID Is” sticker
  • 4- Cypher Hi emote stickers
  • G-Fuel Cup from TwitchCon 2018
  • TwitchCon lanyard from TwitchCon 2018
  • Twitch retro lunchbox from Twitch Partner Party, PAX East 2018
  • INDG Enamel Pin
  • D&D Official Water Bottle as a bonus

Also, the more subscribers we have, the more emote slots we unlock! So as we open more slots; subscribers can suggest emotes!

The way it works is as follows, sub points give you slots. Subscription points break down like this:  A Twitch Prime or Tier 1 subscription is worth 1 sub point, a Tier two ($9.99) sub is worth two points, and a Tier 3 ($24.99) is worth six sub points! Currently we’re at 12 emote slots on the channel. We’re actually super close to unlocking the next tier (18 points as of this post)

 Emote slots                                                                         Subscription points needed

13 200
14 225
15 250
16 300
17 350
18 400
19 450
20 500
21 600
22 700
23 800
24 900
25 1,000

Also, as a thank you to the community, subscribers of one year or more will be getting an enamel pin of the cypher1Coffee emote as a gift. Cypher_Coffee112

Thanks for a great year and I’m looking forward to year 2!


*  I never in a million years think I will get 2K subscribers so that was put there more as a joke because I also hate that the game is all people mention when they talk about streaming. If I DO manage it? Hell yeah I’ll play some Fortnite with folks, badly but I’ll play.