Streaming slump

Not what you think, I’m not quitting! But I have been really unhappy with my streams of late. I’ve either had a lot of fail with what I’m playing, unable to get past missions or having a lot of technical problems that led to me stopping the stream prematurely.

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been really bad at games when I’m on cast. The exception being getting past a Watch Dogs 2 mission I’d been stuck on for a while that I finally get through on Saturday’s stream.

Otherwise, I’ve been really bad at things. Got wrecked by a Mantis Shrimp in the Noodle quest in FFXV. It was a few levels higher but that was ridiculous. Couldn’t get past some other stuff in the game so it was really frustrating. Last time I touched Mafia III on stream I got killed repeatedly in the same mission.  Same with today’s cast of the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC. Came close to defeating a boss, if by close you meant getting about 30% of it’s health whittled away.

It’s really annoying and I’m sure not fun for the folks watching to see me fail over and over again. If it is fun for them? I really don’t want that in my stream, that’s not my jam and I’m not out here to entertain people by failing.

So I dunno what to do about streaming lately. More and more it’s becoming a thing that could go really well, or really badly and I hate being someone who winds up quitting out on games or rage quitting a mission after failing several times. So IDK if I need a break, maybe using my upcoming travel as a reason to take a few days off, but I actually like streaming and miss it when I’m not on because of the community.

What do stream fam, what do?

Long stream to celebrate 800 + Twitch Followers on Saturday 11/26

So tomorrow is gonna be Ubisoft Saturday at chez Cypher on twitch! I’ve hit 830+ followers so I promised a long stream (12 hours total) to celebrate. Thanks to Escoblades at Ubisoft Montreal, I’ve got two Evie figures to give away.


Obviously, you’ll have to be OK with giving me your address, and if you’re international I might need a little help with postage.

I’ll also have a Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4 to give away on stream as well. Again, you’ll have to be cool with me having an address to ship it to, since it’s a physical copy, never opened.

The first half of the stream will be Watch Dogs 2 for 5-6 hours, a short break to swap games.

happy hacker fam WD2.jpg

I’ll finish up with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, both played on #PS4


So join me at 10 am CST, for celebratory shenanigans

November Streaming updates!

Ok, so I’m doing a LOT of travel in November, so it’s gonna throw my streaming schedule off this month.  However I hit a milestone! So gotta figure out what to do to celebrate it.


Games I am playing on stream right now:

  • Mafia III – PS4
  • CIV VI
  • Skyrim: Special Edition
  • Witcher 3 (replay to get a better build and level up for DLC)

As far as my November stream schedule here’s what I know I’ll be doing:

Thursday 11/3 & Saturday 11/5 – No streaming due to travel

Tuesday 11/8 – Streaming, post voting US Election time TBA. Either Mafia III Skyrim:SE on PC

Thursday 11/10-Wednesday 11/23 – No streaming at all as I’ll be in NYC and Montreal.

Thursday 11/24 – No stream due to Thanksgiving holiday

Saturday 11/26 – Long stream to celebrate 800 Twitch followers! I’ll put a twitter poll up closer to the date. Maybe even a 12 hour stream!

Tuesday 11/29 – Shorter stream due to travel the next day, Time and Game TBD

December is up in the air due to holidays and such.

Follow over at!



I’m doing Extra Life with Team Outpost!

The stream team I’m on, N7 Outpost has an Extra Life team! My goal is $150  and our overall team goal is $1000


Since I’ll be traveling on November 3rd – 5th, all my streams between now and then will be Extra Life Streams. I’ve added a command to give a link for donations and when I stream from PC I’ll be using the Extra Life overlay.

So if you can spare it, drop a couple bucks for a good cause!  or please share our team link/my link.


Streaming schedule through 10/18


Time to get back to Masquerada! I’ll start at 10am CST hopefully until the end, take a little break and get back to Mafia III!

Mafia III_20161010222139
Mafia III

Join me at for more Masquerada: Songs and Shadows then really switching gears to Lincoln Clay in New Bordeaux after a break.

Then no stream on Thursday October 13th, or Saturday October 15th as I’ll be away at a convention. Regular stream schedule will resume on Tuesday, October 18th with more Mafia III

Streaming @MasqueradaGame today

The fine folks who made Masquerada were kind enough to share the build they showed at PAX West with me, so to celebrate the return of my voice and excitement over passing the 700 follower mark on Twitch, I’ll be doing two games today.

First, Masquerada: Songs and Shadows at 11:00 am CST through finishing it


Then some more FenQuisition!


I’ll figure out what I’m doing to mark 700+ Twitch followers before I head off for GaymerX!


Streaming update for July 16 – 24th

Hey y’all, streaming will be a bit disrupted after today’s DAI stream due to getting some paying work sent my way. Project will take up all of next week so no stream next Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is iffy pending where I am in this project.

July 16th there will be more romancing of Sera by Herah Adaar! We’re able to unlock the Temple of Mythal in this playthrough, and there’s a whole lot of war table missions to clear off as well.


The stream will start a bit later than my usual weekend streams, which will be around 3pm CDT on I’ll try to make it a longer stream since I won’t be on for most of next week.

Long stream to celebrate 600 @Twitch followers!

600 Twitch followers

So I hit the 600 follower mark right before I headed off to CONvergence, and have to celebrate it. I am going to do a longer stream on Tuesday, July 12th of some PC games.

I’ll probably start with something easy that I can play and talk at the same time. So nothing new where I’ll have to pay a lot of attention to dialogue, game play etc.I’ll also have the donation box up since things are not so great on the money front lately. If you can/want to donate during the stream you can do so at my twitch alerts donation link

Join me at 12pm CST at for a chill, AMA type stream of a few different games. Maybe DA2, maybe some Skyrim, IDK. But the fun will start at noon on Tuesday, July 12th!



Stream update for week of June 27, 2016


Just one stream this week, as I’ll be away at a convention again. The awesome Vahn J gifted me with The Talos Principle on steam, so I’ll be streaming it on Tuesday June 28th approx 7pm CDT. This will be a totally blind playthrough, never seen a stream of it or much game play.

After that, streaming will resume on Tuesday, July 5th with game TBD, or perhaps more Talos Principle depending on where I get with it. Mass Effect will resume once I figure out what I did to the game by modding it so I could use a controller on PC.

To Halamshiral we go!


Finally Halamshiral for real this time on stream! 11:00 am CST, all of the Winter Palace with Sera, Dorian, & Blackwall as my party along with Herah Adaar.

So I have questions; Obviously siding with Briala will probably net me massive disapproval cause she’s an elf. But what about Celene and Gaspard?  Neither would give approval I’m thinking?

Also letting Celene live probably nets disapproval. I’m not a fan of Gaspard either.  So it seems like all the options for Orlais will give you problems with Sera there and after.

Either way, I’m gonna struggle with court approval as a Vashoth Inquisitor and find out what happens with a romanced Sera at the Winter Palace.

Stream schedule for week of June 6th

Tuesdays (Until I finish the trilogy and ME2/ME3 DLC’s)


Currently playing Mass Effect, Steam edition with Tanya Shepard, Vanguard.

12:00 pm CST – TBD (as I play I might stream for just a couple hours, I might go longer, but not past 5:00 pm CST)

Thursday June 9th, 2016

Sassybot Studios – Fragments of Him 1:00 pm CST – Completion of Game


Saturday, June 11th, 2016 2:00 pm CST – TBD

Desperately Seeking Sera – Halamshiral with Herah Adaar


These streams are on

VOD’s uploaded to YouTube within a few hours of stream end

Better Twitch TV Emotes are all live!

The awesome Becka Liz did emotes for my Twitch channel!


These are all on Better Twitch TV, and if you’re using this add in (Chrome and Firefox) you can use them too in your Twitch stream!

cypherYAY cypherYAY

cypherWUT cypherWUT

cypherSHINY cypherSHINY

cypherLOVE cypherLOVE

cypherGRR cypherGRR

How Emote Sharing Works

Emote sharing allows other channels to use emotes you have uploaded to BetterTTV. When sharing is enabled on your emote, another user can come to the sharing page, locate the emote, and enable it in their channel.

Steps to share your emotes:

  1. Click on one of your emotes below
  2. Check the “Let others use this emote in their channel” box.
  3. Hit the “Update” button.
  4. Your emote is now on the sharing page for people to use
    • You can also link people directly to your emote. Just copy the URL in your address bar to share.

Steps to use an emote in your channel:

  1. Click on one of the recently shared emotes below or search by channel name
  2. Hit the “Use in my Channel” button
  3. The emote can now be used in your channel
    • You must refresh your chat for BetterTTV to notice the change.

Streaming update

Sadly, no stream tomorrow Saturday May 7th. I’ll be at #TrekDePaul all day.

I’ll do a brief make up stream probably Sunday morning or Monday during the day. Also, thoughts on what to play since I beat Unravel?

  • Dark Souls Sucking Tuesdays once I finish Fragments of Him?
  • FenQuisition (if I ever get my game installed on PC and modded again that is)
  • Seeking Sera on Saturdays or move to Sundays since I keep having stuff on Saturday lately?
  • Beyond Eyes (XB1)
  • AC: Syndicate (I have it on PS4 and XB1)
  • Fallout 4 (PC or PS4)
  • Replay Mass Effect (on PC, assuming that’s not broken too with this Origin issue)
  • Dragon Age II
  • Uncharted Collection (PS4)

Oh and there’s emotes now! If you have Better Twitch TV you can use the following emotes. Art by Becka Liz (commission her!)

emotes woo

  • cypherYAY
  • cypherGRR
  • cypherLOVE
  • cypherSHINY
  • cypherWUT (still pending review from BTTV)

Change in streaming due to conventions & travel!

So I missed my usual Thursday stream yesterday and I will be out all day on Saturday, so no Seeking Sera Saturday unless it’s super late in the evening, ie probably not. I’ll be deep in PAX East prep mode until I fly to Boston on Thursday afternoon, so… the following changes for the stream effective today through May 2nd:

No stream on Saturday, April 16th due to an all day conference

Hosting a stream of Aurion: Legend of the Kori-Odan time & date TBA Sunday April 17th

Streaming Tanzia, early access on Monday, April 18th time TBA, watch on Twitter for an announcement.

No stream Tuesday, April 19th due to travel prep

Hosting a stream of 80 Days with Meg Jayanth, narrative designer from Inkle Studios’s coming by the chat.

No streams while I am gone to PAX East 4/21-4/25

[Tentative] Resident Evil 6 on Tuesday 4/26

No streams while I am gone to Penguicon 4/29-5/2

Regular streaming schedule resumes on Tuesday, 5/3 with Resident Evil 6

No stream Saturday May 7th as I’ll be at an all day conference

Make up stream, Sunday May 8th

Aurion: Legend of the Kodi-Oran Sunday, April 17th time TBA




Special stream with Meg Jayanth, Narrative lead at Inkle studios hanging out in chat with us while we play on Wednesday, April 20th, 1:30 PM CST

Also, Javier Payano is a guest streamer on our channel, so hopefully he’ll be streaming more while we’re running around at conventions!

Megaldons, Beasties and the high seas in @ManOWar_Corsair


I had a chance to dig into an Early Access version of Man O’ War: Corsair today, and some of the devs even dropped by the stream!

Early Access opens up on 15 April, 2016 on Steam!

The game is gorgeous, the sound is amazing, well timed and ambient for what you run into on the high seas. You can make a female captain of your ship, however you can’t be brown (hopefully this will change in the final version), but that’s a good start.

Other feedback I had was more technical, like the appearance of a Galleon was a bit early against your wee ship & crew. A+ naming of it though, extra credit to my stream crew for getting my DA references. Behemoth AI needs a tweak or tether zone to not chase player so far from spawn point. Seriously it chased me from it’s spawn zone all the way back to a mission location! Also giant sea monster is giant.


Clarity of how to do combat in intro/training mission would be good too. I really struggled with how to aim beyond mere left and right. It seems that the tutorial will be updated on the next Early Access build but that was bit of a learning curve. Last thing is more diversity in Captain choices. Nice that I can be a lady Pirate Cap’n! However being brown, or having some body diversity would be great!

Overall I loved it, it was great fun playing it. I got to shoot a giant shark, be adventurous and run from a beastie! I’ll be keeping my eye on this title and picking it up when it’s released in full.  Full Early Access info under the cut.

Continue reading “Megaldons, Beasties and the high seas in @ManOWar_Corsair”

I finished @unravel_game today… my heart

I finished @Unravel_Game today by Coldwood Studios so here’s a mostly complete playthrough.

XB1 early Access play – First 3 hours, pre-release


Playstation 4 Play – Exported to YT from Twitch:

and finally, the last few levels April 12th, including tears at the end.


Thank you Unravel team for a long, hard romp through a lot of feelings. Thank you for giving us Yarny and a wonderful story. Also for breaking my heart and putting it back together with a bit of red wool stitching.



Combo Birthday and Hitting 450+ followers on Twitch!

So, my birthday is next week omfg! It feels like it really snuck up on me this year because of all that is going on. So how to celebrate you might ask? Well I’m gonna do a relaxed, laid back stream of Dragon Age II. It’s my favorite game in the series and well, what better way to celebrate than with the fine folks of Kirkwall?


So birthday/reaching follower milestone shenanigans details!

When: Tuesday April 5th, 2016 11am CST – 5:00 pm CST


What: All the Dragon Age II feels you can shake a stick at

Anything else I should know?: There might be a few giveaways thanks to friends having spare Steam Keys from Humble Bundles, etc.



Do you want anything for your birthday? Well yes, it would be lovely to get stuff but that’s not the aim of the stream. Should you feel so inclined, you can drop a few coins in Paypal, or subscribe to my Gamewisp thinger. I’ve got an amazon wishlist too. Honestly what I really want is a 3DS XL and a couple of games or a RacerX chair. They aren’t cheap but damn if they are not comfortable. If I get it, that would be fab, if not, no big deal. Remember the point of the stream is not to get gifts but I won’t turn them away 😉

I don’t want to/can’t get you anything, but I want you to have a nice birthday: Honestly a tweet or a hello, happy birthday in the stream is enough. I’m not at a milestone birthday, and I’m not really fishing for gifts, I swear.

Ok I do want to get you something, but nothing on your list or I don’t know your steam name: I’m cypheroftyr pretty much everywhere. You can see a current list of my games library at 

Will you play a different game besides Dragon Age II, even if I ask nicely? No, my birthday stream, my rules, game of my choosing.

Can I be a mod? No sorry I am full up on human mods right now and Branebot/Twitch Alerts keep my stream humming along.

I’ve never been in your stream, do you have rules?

Yes, yes I do. Follow them or you’ll get bounced pretty quick. No fuckery is tolerated on the stream but I will really not have it on a special stream.


Some simple rules for making everyone’s experience here nice and fun! The channel is moderated, by myself and a few others.

1 – Profanity allowed, within reason

2 – No slurs, or hate of any kind, you get 1 time out, then the banhammer falls hard.

3 – No Backseat gaming! If I need/want help from those watching I’ll ask.

4 – No complaining that I’m not playing X game. If you want to watch a different game being played I’m sure someone is streaming it somewhere.

5 – Don’t spam the channel with promos for your channel. Again 1 timeout, then you’ll be banned

6 – Treat each other well in here. I want everyone to have fun and feel safe while watching me play.

Questions? Comments? Whisper during streaming or message me.

I have a question/comment you didn’t address here: Message me on twitter, or whisper during the stream.

Doing all the things! March update [Reposted from Patreon]

Hi all,

First off thank you for your support this past month, I appreciate every single Patreon, from everyone at the $1 and up helped keep me housed, the cat fed, internet and electricity on so I can do this work.

So what have I been doing eh? A lot more streaming for one thing. I’m up to 3 times a week on my main, personal channel [] and 1x a week over at I Need Diverse Games. [] Much streaming, many hours with a controller in hand. I also made aDiscord server/community so if you want to hang out you can!

I set up a GameWisp subscription thinger on Twitch, but I’m not sure what to do to entice people to subscribe to me there. From what I understand it’s like Patreon for Twitch. You have levels, and people can sub starting at $3.99 a month up to whatever levels and rewards you put up.

I’ve also been prepping for GDC because it’s the first time I’m going with an All Access pass and having to be, I dunno I guess present and accounted for to make sure our #INeedDiverseGames scholarship recipients get there, have a good and educational time, etc. It’s a bit daunting to do this but it’s really gratifying to know that 25 people got to go to GDC via INDG! 😀

Still podcasting with a great lineup of guests in the coming month or so. Martin Sahlin from Unravel Game, Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds, Mel Fleming from Bioware who does localization, Elsa Henry who does game dev and is a GoH for OrcaCon 2017! I did get a better mic for podcasting and streaming, so improved quality for the win.

Also, thanks to the funding we got in January, I’m able to go to a lot more conventions this year. This personal patreon is strictly for living expenses, and the INDG Patreon + funding is for expenses there so no worries on that front about where you money is going.

Conventions I’ll be at this year [confirmed]:

  • PAX East – Doing two panels
  • Penguicon – Paneling, Featured Guest
  • Nebulas – Local, Doing panels
  • Podcast Movement – Local, attending only
  • DePaul Celebration of Star Trek – Local, Paneling
  • WisCon – Paneling, Guest of Honor Liaison, Programming Co-Chair
  • CONVergence – Paneling, Invited Guest

Unfortunately I won’t be at MidAmerica Con II aka Worldcon, because of money and uncertainty about where things will be later in the year.

Writing is the one thing I’ve failed at doing, especially posts for folks at the $10 level and up. Doing the prep for a lot of things has sucked up my time but I’ve also been stressed about …everything. It’s not an excuse, it’s what’s kept me from even fulfilling a couple paid writing things for publication.

I’m looking into alternative rewards for folks at the $10 level, so suggestions welcome. Its that or I need to put write rewards for Patreon on my calendar and not let it budge no matter what.

It’ll be a bit quiet here in the next couple of weeks as I prep for travel to SF for GDC, then spend a couple extra days crashing on a friends couch to have some downtime before I get back to Chicago and two conventions back to back in April, a lot of travel and socializing.

Thank you again, all of the support, kind words and signal boosts are appreciated ❤


Disruption in my usual streaming schedule this weekend!

Apologies for the short notice y’all but no stream today for two reasons. One  is reason is I have house guests through Monday morning. The other is because the XB1 Twitch app is a total PoS and is throwing an error when I try to stream from it. Twitch’s answer is to delete the app and date, reinstall, reauthorize and hard reset the XB1. That’s not really an acceptable answer, especially when your app randomly stops working. If they don’t fix this problem, I may restart the Sera romance on the PS4 or PC.

There will be a stream on Tuesday morning, starting at 11am CST, likely of Unravel so I can hopefully get Yarny out of the acidic pit of hell he’s currently stuck in. I’ll do an extra stream of Solstice game by MoaCube on Friday March 11th, then that will be it for streaming until I’m back and rested from GDC.

Hope everyone is well and having a good day out there!

Streaming stuff and an informal survey

So I’ve been doing a lot more streaming, at least three times a week and as such, I’ve got a spiffy new layout, done by Kessel_Runs!


I’ve got awesome new BRB, Offline, lobby, and shiny buttons! Since I’ve sunk some time and money into doing more Twitch stuff, I wanted to have an informal survey of sorts. I’ve embedded it below, or you can go here and take the survey.

Double the Streams on Tuesday 2/9!

So Tuesday is usually the day new releases drop. This week however there’s two highly anticipated titles coming out!

I’ll do an AM Stream of Unravel Game; starting at 10am CST – 2:00 pm CST, take a break then stream Firewatch by Campo Santo from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST  at

Unravel Game by Coldwood Studios 


I’ve already streamed some Unravel via EA Access on the XB1 which you can see below.

Not Your Mama’s Gamer also published a great piece on the happiness Unravel and it’s wooly star, Yarny has brought already.

Firewatch by Campo Santo

Firewatch is a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio.


The year is 1989.

You are a man named Henry who has retreated from your messy life to work as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. Perched atop a mountain, it’s your job to find smoke and keep the wilderness safe.

An especially hot, dry summer has everyone on edge. Your supervisor, a woman named Delilah, is available to you

at all times over a small, handheld radio—and is your only contact with the world you’ve left behind.

But when something strange draws you out of your lookout tower and into the world below, you’ll explore a wild and unknown environment, facing questions and making interpersonal choices that can build or destroy the only meaningful relationship you have.


XB1 Twitch Streaming woes…

So, I was able to stream on the XB1 a few times, but it’s been a grade fucking A hassle. Some initial thoughts via twitter:

So far I’ve found A LOT about the XB1 really frustrating and counter intuitive, regarding usability etc. Especially streaming. First I have to let everyone see I am online in privacy settings otherwise Twitch won’t let me stream b/c it flags as under 18? This has only happened on the XB1, no such setting tweak required when streaming from PC or PS4. Then the Twitch UI on the XB1 is docked to the right side, unless I “unsnap” it.

It’s sluggish to respond to the dbl tap required to go from the Twitch side bar to the game. This double tap of the middle X button also pauses the stream, which is a nuisance. Its brief but annoying It’s also another UX/button mapping fail. That should be a one button press, not a double tap that pauses game or stream. But I digress.

My other gripe is at least on XB1, I can’t sign out of the Twitch profile I first signed in on. I hit log out and nothing happens. The whole point of getting the XB1 for as for us to have more content to work with. If I can’t log into that Twitch account (we have one for ) it’s frustrating and adds content to my personal Twitch meant for INDG

So right now I’m feeling a kind of way about functionality on the XB1.

Now that it basically reboots when I try to stream Rise of the Tomb Raider, I’m trying to uninstall and totally reinstall the Twitch app on the XB1.

Clearly the XB1 was designed with a focus on voice-activated functionality, assuming most people would have a Kinect. Early adopters of the XB1 do, since the only model available was a $499 model bundled with a Kinect at launch. That’s great and all, but what about people who got the system later?

I don’t really have the room for a Kinect in my living room, nor do I want one to be honest. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice basic functionality for an assumption about the user base. I have a degree in user centered design and this is just aggravating. I’m unable to get the full functionality as designed unless I drop another $100 – $150 on a peripheral which negates the savings from getting the system over two years after release.

So for now I don’t know what else to do because other games stream just fine, such as FFXV: Episode Duscae, and Dragon Age Inquisition but for now I’m cut off from even logging out of one account and into another, or trying to stream RotTR without a forced reboot after an unpleasant grindy noise, and a lot of cussing.

Here’s a Twitch and XB1 UI wishlist if anyone from either company happens across this post:


  • Ability to log into multiple accounts (assuming you can authenticate you own said accounts and aren’t a scammer)
  • Ability to get help from the Twitch app, from Twitch
  • Ability to get a log file when something goes wrong when streaming on console. (one of the things I kept getting was an error about an ‘authorized game required to stream’ when trying to stream RotTR before it caused reboots.
  • Ability to upload directly to YT from console


  • Ability to move sections around to suit user preference
  • Ability to have a dedicated games section, app section etc without having to pin a bunch of things to the home screen
  • Ability to remap the controller buttons including how you take screenshots, go in and out of apps, etc
  • One button screenshot
  • One button recording/one long button press to start recording
  • Less reliance on voice commands since not everyone has a Kinect