I got a chance to play Thing Trunk’s Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers thank you to Chris Priestly at Evolve PR for providing a review key. It’s a fun Rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitch integration well. Your viewers can help or hinder you as you make your way through each dungeon level. Unlike other games I’ve tried with Twitch Integration it wasn’t cumbersome or overshadowed the game’s UI. 

It was fun, and that’s an element I look for in a game where I can let viewers make decisions. No one could hinder my play enough to keep me dying, nor make me too overpowered. That would get a buy from me alone, but the game is so gorgeous! Let’s talk about these paper cut out scenes! I was so enthralled with it, I barely got any screenshots!

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screenshot from Indiannoob’s review of Dungeons & Streamers

The paper denizens of Book of Demons, as well as the pop up scene transitions are gorgeous, and made me think of adventure books that were read to me as a child. Also, the enemies are all paper, as is your adventurer. The game is vibrantly coloured, and while you are paper thin, the world doesn’t come across as flat or bland. I was tempted to go get some construction paper after playing to see if I could recreate some of the scenes, enemies and fighter after playing! 

A minor nitpick is that you can only start out as a warrior but rogue and wizard are unlocked once you reach level 5 in the game. It’s minor, as I prefer a rogue in games like this, but it doesn’t detract from the overall experience of this beautiful game that got a new leaf on life with the Dungeons and Streamers DLC add on.

Thing Trunk really hit it out of the park with Dungeons and Streamers, and I’m looking forward to a lot of mayhem caused by my viewers next time I play around in their gorgeous world. 

Pick up Book of Demons: Dungeons and Streamers on Steam

You must have Book of Demons base game installed to add this on before you have a devilish amount of fun.