So, I was invited to be a guest at Big Bad Con and their Kickstarter is not just live but doing damned well! They’ve already blown their stretch goals out of the water, one of which was having me there 😀

There’s still time to back the conventions Kickstarter and see what new stretch goals are added before it ends on June 2nd!

Update #3 May 4 2016

Tanya, Jason, James, and more!

In just two days, we’ve blasted through another three stretch goals. I’m so excited we’re going to have these wonderful people at the con running stellar events!

Tanya DePass will be hosting panels on:

  • Diversity in Gaming
  • The Fake Geek Girl Fallacy
  • Toxicity in Tabletop

Jason Morningstar will be running these amazing events:

  • Panels for both Big Bad Teens and adults!
  • The Grand Warren: a multi-table multi-warren game of the Warren with over-arching threats affecting all the rabbits in the field!
  • Apportionment, a diplomatic parlor larp (the sequel to Sirai: Civil War)
  • A deep dark cobwebby game of The Skeletons late at night

James Mendez Hodes will be running sessions of these awesome games at the con:

  • AfroFuture
  • Katanas & Trenchcoats
  • Shinobigami