ICYMI, I’ve got an article in the May/June 2016 issue of Uncanny Magazine! You can read it in full at!

Gorgeous Cover art: “Bubbles and Blast Off” by Galen Dara

Here’s a snippet for you, please check out the rest on the site!

Community is a word that doesn’t always come to mind when one talks about gaming. When you ask what gaming is like these days, you’ll get a variety of answers. Sharing a knowing smile when you see someone else in a Mass Effect N7 hoodie, or catching a glimpse of a Legend of Zelda Triforce necklace, reminds you that you’re not alone. Sometimes, you may get a not–so–welcoming look like Oh, you’re one of those people, when someone notices the pretty necklace you’re wearing and you tell them it’s from your favorite game.

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