On pointing out things & being critical of media

I really wish people would understand pointing out things does not equal looking to be offended. Or crying racism for lol's. For example, I shared this image from Hellblade on the I Need Diverse Games tumblr as well as on twitter, along with follow up text & table flip gif: Everyone is talking about the perma-death … Continue reading On pointing out things & being critical of media

Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!

It's my last speaking gig where I have to travel in 2016! Excited to visit with Edmond Chang at his campus. Keywords for Video Game Studies: Diversity   Speaker series Date: November 30, 2016 Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm “Why Diversity and Intentional Inclusion Is Needed in Our Games” with Tanya DePass A brief talk … Continue reading Excited to visit University of Oregon this week!

MY @GaymerX East schedule!

Not long until GaymerX East in NYC!  Here's my panel schedule which is much lighter than it was at GX4!! Saturday November 12th 1:oo pm: Gaming Journalism from an LGBTQ Perspective TimesOUT the LGBTQIA affinity network for The New York Times would like to moderate a discussion about the LGBTQIA perspective in gaming journalism. 2:30 … Continue reading MY @GaymerX East schedule!

Final @PAX West schedule!

Here's my final panel schedule for PAX West, which is next week! EEP! If you don't see me running around from panel to panel, then I'll be at the I Need Diverse Games table in the Diversity Lounge. As always, have a handy, 100% free guide to interacting with me in meat space at conventions. https://cypheroftyr.com/cypherinteractionguide/  … Continue reading Final @PAX West schedule!