Audio of the Wiscon 39 panel on Why #INeedDiverseGames.


  • shareefjackson –  Shareef’s work on STEM diversity, including video games, has appeared in sources such as Scientific American, NPR, and Jet Magazine.His work can be found at  He also hosts the Operation Cubicle podcast with JP Fairfield, and is a frequent guest on the Spawn On Me podcast..
  • lifeinneon –  Autumn is the creator of Player 2, a game that helps players resolve real-life interpersonal conflicts, and Reset, an interactive fiction game about cyborg kink in a transhuman future. She wanted to participate because as a gamer since childhood, Autumn has never seen games reflect her own experiences.
  • quinnae_moon – Katherine Cross  Katherine is a scholar-critic who writes about online culture and video gaming for various academic and popular publications, from Women’s Studies Quarterly to Polygon and Offworld. She wanted to be on the panel because she believes games should be for everybody.
  • raevenx is a long time member of the gaming community playing a variety of console games and MMOs over the years. She is an avid member of many aspects of fandom and an active cosplayer. Renee wanted to participate in this discussion because the community is in trouble and also because she greatly respects the work that Tanya is doing on our behalf.

  • Ajit George – Ajit is the co-founder of the emerging advocacy group “Gaming as Other” that consults with game design companies and conventions on diversity, safety and inclusion in geek interests and spaces.
  • Spawn point of the hashtag Tanya D. aka cypheroftyr. whose work has appeared in Offworld BoingBoing, coming soon to MOTD Media, as well as multiple guest appearances on gaming and diversity related podcasts.

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