Thoughts on Gaming, Identity and Cuphead

This was originally posted on Patreon on October 1, 2017 and is possible through the generosity of my Patrons. So I'm not really on the woooo Cuphead is amazing and the way, truth and light of gaming train. It looks amazing but it also looks like the racist ass cartoons I remember seeing in re-runs … Continue reading Thoughts on Gaming, Identity and Cuphead

I’m fed up

I thought about writing out my thoughts on all the killings and shootings of our people instead of a long thread of tweets. However, I’m not doing that for two reasons. One) it’s like the second I talk about one person’s murder by cops, another occurs in hours if not days and it’s exhausting emotionally, … Continue reading I’m fed up

About “Save the Pearls”

So… I’ve had some time to ruminate on this ‘book‘… “Save the Pearls”. I put book in air quotes because this doesn’t deserve to be called a book. It’s a self serving, poor me, white people are OMG oppressed in this far flung, post apocalyptic, fictitious world so this is totally ok, AMIRITE?! oppression fantasy … Continue reading About “Save the Pearls”

Dear Dan Savage, just stop talking about Bisexuals, it’s clear you know NOTHING about us.

I already didn't like Dan Savage... but goddamn now I'm just bursting with anger. How the fuck, just how the everliving fuck does he even fix his mouth to spout the shit about bisexuals that he continues to let out into the ether? Via AngryBlackTumblr: Bisexuals You Need to Come Out to Your Friends and … Continue reading Dear Dan Savage, just stop talking about Bisexuals, it’s clear you know NOTHING about us.

Black is… black ain’t…

Black is beautiful, just so we are motherfucking CLEAR. Black ain't "less desirable than other races", "inherently less attractive than other races" So... we are in the throes of yet ANOTHER online storm about black folks. Black women's looks, black women's bodies, black fathers and the old ass trope of omfg black folks are on … Continue reading Black is… black ain’t…

A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt

Keep in mind this author is not making wide brush strokes over all Americans, nor are they assuming we're all idiots, racists, and never have gone further than our own back yards. They raise the points below after reading the stupid shit posted on the internet by people who think they KNOW THINGS. If you … Continue reading A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt

Violence…and loathing

After reading some of the articles outlining the actions, words and implied threat in the words bandied about since Barack Hussein Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States, and culminating in the shooting deaths of six people, and critical injury to Congresswoman Giffords the fear I have about President Obama living … Continue reading Violence…and loathing