So with all this time on my hands, I’m going to do more streaming.  I’ve made some updates to my Twitch page and will work on some mod bots (Night!Bot/Moo!Bot) as well as try to get some things set up so donations can be acknowledged in stream. I’ll probably even put myself on cam more often too. When I’m streaming from PS4 or PC anyway. I don’t have a Kinect and don’t plan to get one.

I usually stream on Twitch: or over at which will get it’s own post over at that blog.

Twitch update image

In case the image is too small to fully read; here’s the Panel text for each one:

Where to find me!

Hello! you have stumbled across cypher’s twitch channel. When I broadcast, I’ll tweet out to @cypheroftyr

Want to drop me a line about a stream? You can do so at

Missed a stream and want to see what I played? I upload my sessions to my youtube channel:

Thanks for stopping by!


Some simple rules for making everyone’s experience here nice and fun! The channel is moderated, by myself and a few others.

1 – Profanity allowed, within reason

2 – No slurs, or hate of any kind, you get 1 time out, then the banhammer falls hard.

3 – No Backseat gaming! If I need/want help from those watching I’ll ask.

4 – No complaining that I’m not playing X game. If you want to watch a different game being played I’m sure someone is streaming it somewhere.

5 – Don’t spam the channel with promos for your channel. Again 1 timeout, then you’ll be banned

6 – Treat each other well in here. I want everyone to have fun and feel safe while watching me play.

Questions? Comments? Whisper during streaming or message me.

Tip Jar:

So I suddenly lost my job on December 15th, right after a convention and a few days before the holidays. Normally I wouldn’t ask for tips, but right now every little bit helps.

Thank you in advance for keeping me on air. Donations will go towards paying the internet, and game purchases for streaming.


So schedule, I’m going to try the following to see how it works out:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 11am CST – 3:00 pm CST

Special streams will be announced on Twitter and my site: before they happen.

Become my Patreon:

For those folks who may want to support my work as a streamer, game critic and maybe soon video blogger, on a monthly basis.

You can support for as little as $1 USD per month, and every single Patreon is deeply appreciated.

Thank you.