Hello lovely friends! This week has been pretty damn surreal cause it’s been such a wild week of good news in Cyphervania. So here in one bundle (HA!) is all that’s happened this week that I have spread around on various social sites.

Adult Swim shoutout!

A couple friends captured that I got shouted out as a pioneer in gaming in this Adult Swim bump during Bob’s Burgers. Clip of the bump here, captured by Diana Moon. https://vimeo.com/254806948

Adult swim bump tweet

Machinima Nod for I Need Diverse Games

The awesome folks over at Machinima noted that games have a diversity problem and gave us a lil’ plug for the work we do!

Machinima tweet for INDG

View full video on their tweet (DO NOT READ THE REPLIES OH MY GOD NO)


 PartnerStamp Pleased to announce I’m now a Humble Bundle Partner! I’ve updated my channel to reflect this, and added a !humble command. If Twitch isn’t your thing, here’s my link. https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=cypheroftyr

The Reclaimers

Reclaimers Screen

Very pleased that we’re launching a POC led tabletop show on the I Need Diverse Games twitch page, and that Quinn Murphy & Chris Chinn are leading as GM’s. Check out the Reclaimers Sunday 6pm Pacific/8pm Central/9pm Eastern at twitch.tv/indg 

This will be a weekly show, with the first part being gameplay, episodes will feature an all POC cast; a small break then followed up by GM talk by our hosts! Our first game will be a 4 episode run of Tenra Bansho Zero, then moving on to Five Fires, and other games as we move through our hosts catalog.

Follow @ReclaimersRPG on twitter for updates. Info on the show, games played, etc will be on thoughtcrimegames.net 

Full info and announcement at the INDG site.

Game Devs and Others: Tales from the Margins

Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins tell the true stories of life in the industry by people of color, LGBTQIA and other marginalized identities. This collection of essays give people a chance to tell their stories and to let others know what life on the other side of the screen is like when you’re not part of the supposed “majority”.


The anthology I edited is now available for pre-order! Alex Abou Karam is doing the cover art! 

Order from the publisher, CRC Press: http://bit.ly/2Bj4QTc

Order from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2EUqKvV

Paperback $49.95 USD & Hardcover $149.95 USD

Per the Amazon link, the book will be released June 8 (Hardcover) & June 10 (Paperback)

Here’s the amazing list of contributors to the anthology!