ICYMI – I’m in this @Offworld piece by @sangfroid_san

What can game developers do to better represent black women in games? “They need to get some fucking empathy,” says Tanya dePass, a campaigner for better representation inside game worlds and among those who create them. She curates websites, hosts podcasts, maintains the#INeedDiverseGames tag on Twitter, works as a diversity consultant andspeaks at conventions and … Continue reading ICYMI – I’m in this @Offworld piece by @sangfroid_san

Plus 10 Personals – Ep 003 #INeedDiverseGames

#INeedDiverseGames is all about promoting diversity in the gaming industry, mostly through dialogue / conversation / re-blogging / community organizing. Today's guest in Tanya, the person in charge of #INDG. So, listen up. She's a wise one. Download the episode here, or listen on Plus 10 Personals Or, wait. Do you like Soundcloud more? I … Continue reading Plus 10 Personals – Ep 003 #INeedDiverseGames