Black Power Fist 18

It’s officially Black History Month! Do me a solid & support black creatives if you’re not already doing so. Often our Patreons, crowd funded ideas get less support than others.We have to deal the extra layers of BS that comes with our work being labelled as whatever others deem fit; thus excusing them not supporting because it’s not for them anyway.

People talk a good game on social media & other spots about wanting to support their black faves, so do it if you have the means. Pick 5, 10 Patreon creators & kick in a $1. Every supporter helps! Not down with a monthly commitment? Then drop a couple in someone’s tip jar. Trust me, a little note from PayPal saying you’ve got money! Brightens up a persons day.

I’ll start with my ko-fi & Patreon. Other black creatives drop a link in reply to this twitter thread: ( Thanks & happy ✊🏾