So you don’t miss it, here’s my GaymerX East Schedule for this weekend! See some of you there 😀

The random musings of a 1973 Original

Saturday, November 4th

Compelling Combat 12:30 pm Panels B – 5411

Blaine Anderson (M), Alex Zandra Van Chestein, Rachel Bazelaise, Tanya DePass

Many games have combat in them as a gameplay device or a vehicle for the story to progress, but how many games actually need combat and how many could benefit more without? Let’s find out together. 

How to Get That Panel Like a Pro, Without Being One  2:00 pm Panels A – 6501

Tanya DePass (M), Pat Baer, Sammus Music, Benjamin Red

Too often people will say they can never be on panels, or that they have nothing good to say or contribute. Not true, and our panelists will dispel those myths, give you a few tips on submitting that panel & what to do if it’s accepted.

Eff You, Pay Me: I’m not Dying of Exposure   3:30 pm Panels A- 6501 *BoH Panel

Tanya DePass (M)…

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