In a few hours I’ll be headed back to Cali, Cali…

I’m only on one panel, ONE! for Big Bad Con, the rest of my time will be spent rolling dice, meeting cool folks (hopefully) and seeing old friends. If you’re around the con, I’m on “You Don’t Look Like a Geek” Friday at 8pm

Description: Mainstream depictions of nerd culture like Big Bang Theory depict geeks as awkward white dudes a lot of the time, erasing the many, many Geeks of Color, female Geeks, Queer and Trans Geeks who have existed just as long as the stereotypical clueless white guys.  Kristine Hassell (M), ToraShae, Jahmal Brown, Brie Sheldon,Tanya DePass

The rest of my time will be spent gaming, wooooo! I’m getting in a little business with meetings tomorrow morning then it’s all play. 

Then next week, I’m off to Long Beach, CA for my first trip to TwitchCon! I’m on a panel, “Being Political on Twitch”  

3:30 pm October 22, GivePlz Theatre w/Adam Koebel, Citizen, Jennasaisquoi, me and Inspector Beans 

Description: This panel is concerned with addressing the importance of being political as a creator, as the representative of a business or organization, and as a streamer. The purpose of this talk is to help empower people by talking openly about the risks and gains of struggling in a landscape that demands conformity and the continued repression of identities.

We’ll talk about whether a Twitch channel constitutes a public or private space (and what that means on the Internet), why these discussions are important, what free speech is and isn’t, and how people can challenge and engage in politics.

There’s supposed to be a diversity type lounge thing going on at TwitchCon but I don’t have all the details handy, so more when I have it. As always, here’s your ever useful, 250% free guide to interacting with me at conventions and events should we meet.


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