It’s a bit of a way off but I do have some of my GenCon 50 schedule sorted for Industry Insider Panels! Full listing of Industry Insider sessions  which you can add to your wishlist until registration opens.

Livestreaming Your Table Thursday 3pm Room 245

Aljernon Bolden, Kat Kuhl and Tanya DePass

How to best utilize twitch or other streaming platforms to best utilize sharing your game, your system, & bringing in new players to the hobby.

The Heroes We Deserve – Representation in Games Friday 12 pm Room 245

Joseph Carriker, Tanya DePass, Anna Meade, Darcy Ross, Liz Splain & C.A Suleiman

Who do we want to play games? How do you create characters, artwork, & worlds that appeal to a broad audience? What can you do to help people feel welcome & encourage new people to play more?

Black Knights: Growing RPG Space Among Minorities Saturday 10 am Room 244

Aljernon Bolden, Tanya DePass, Katherine Cross & Anna Meade

A discussion on how to make modern gaming communities more welcoming to a minority audiences & future creators of color.

Tabletop in the Transmedia Age Saturday 4pm Room 244

Tanya DePass, James Lowder, Paul Peterson, Harrison Pink, C.A Suleiman

Discussion of the transmedia trend & how it applies to tabletop gaming, with a focus on how tabletop & other forms of media are starting to inform & even help define each other.

By Our Powers Combined: Technology and Tabletop Sunday 12pm

Jake Alley, Liz Courts, Tanya DePass, BJ Hensley

Technology isn’t going anywhere, so why not use it to your advantage? Learn about all the cool sites, programs, & more to make your game mastering life easier.