YIPES! Time has snuck up on me and GenCon is around the corner! So here’s my panel schedule. I’ll be around the con, not currently scheduled to play any games so if you want to meet up or get food or a drink, message me via Twitter DM or other means if you have it. (NOT IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST) 

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Queer as a Three-Sided Die

Thursday, 02 Aug 2018, at 1:00 PM [SEM18126423] Lucas Oil : Mtg Rm 3

GenCon’s longest-running panel on LGBTQ inclusion in gaming returns with a selection of industry panelists to discuss the state of queer inclusion in the hobby & industry.

An Uncommon Conversation w/Nolan T. Jones, Industry Guest of Honor

Friday, 03 Aug 2018, at 10:00 am [SEM18144147] ICC : 500 Bllrm/Recep

An informal conversation with our Industry GOH, moderated by Tanya DePass, intro by Ajit George. This event will be streamed for a delayed release during & after the show. This event will also host an organized Q&A. Note cards will be available at the event in which to write your questions. Questions will be asked by the MC.

Queering Your Setting

Friday, 03 Aug 2018, at 2:00 PM [SEM18134519]  Lucas Oil : Mtg Rm 5

Looking for ways to make your game setting more LGBTQ inclusive? Our panel of game industry professionals will discuss some of the many ways to do so.

Diversity in Gaming 

Saturday, 04 Aug 2018, at 4:00 pm [SEM18137103] Lucas Oil : Mtg Rm 8

Join us for a conversation about the rise of diversity in gaming & bringing more inclusion & diversity into the board game community, game design, layout, art, & entertainment.

Safety Mechanics in Online Play 

Sunday, 04 Aug 2018, at 2:00 PM [SEM18127148] Lucas Oil : Mtg Rm 3

Whether you’re a player or GM, roleplay can sometimes get… complicated… How can designers account for the safety & comfort of all parties when creating their systems? Our panelists discuss. Roleplaying assumes a certain level comfort between all parties to go smoothly and remain enjoyable. What happens in an online setting, when the social cues you rely on to read the room are harder to get a feel for? Our expert panelists, from game designers to diversity advocates, discuss the delicate issue of staying safe in online play and how you can plan for it as a designer or manage it as a GM or player.