Here you go, here’s where you can find me at PAX Dev & PAX West 8/28-9/3

I’m on one panel at PAX Dev 


Interrogating Your Aspirations – Tuesday 8/28 3:45 pm Fifth Avenue Room

Are your inspirations saying more about your work than you mean? Are tired tropes dropping decades of baggage in your game? Slaughter your sacred cows. Veteran designers discuss how to reconsider and reinvent tent-post tropes, considering the difference between popularity and pervasiveness, mainstream and momentum.

F. Wesley Schneider Moderating, J. Price, T. DePass and Aryo J Darmawan speaking



Gaming While Other – Friday 8/31 12pm Sphinx Theatre

The casts of our favorite video games are getting more diverse with every release, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Issues of character creation and representation, “historical accuracy,” and the “brown = bad” trope still abound, leaving entire demographics of gamers feeling lost and excluded. How can we fix that and make gaming inclusive and accessible for gamers of all backgrounds?

Playing to the (Virtual) Crowd: Streaming Tabletop RPGs – Friday 8/31 3:30 pm Cat Theatre

It’s way more than just roleplaying with a camera! Join veteran Twitch broadcasters for a discussion of what it takes to stream successful tabletop content. Learn about games that work, habits to break, and how to give RPG fans something they’ve never seen before!

How to Broadcast Safely as a Marginalized Streamer – Saturday 9/1 12:30pm Cat Theatre

Broadcasting games, creative work, cosplay, tabletop games, and other hobbies can be fun, but it can also be perilous for some of us. This panel will bring you some tips and tricks such as using bots, human mods, and other methods to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

We’re all Frauds! – PAX West Edition – Saturday 9/1 3pm Sandworm Theatre

We all have self-doubts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a partnered streamer, indie developer, community manager, or AAA studio employee. How much doubt is too much doubt, and what’s the difference between “impostor syndrome” and plain-old self-doubt? More importantly, how do you beat the doubt and continue to succeed? Join our panel of industry professionals as we discuss their personal stories of doubt and triumph!

League of Heels Presents West Coast Wishes – Saturday 9/1 8:30pm Hydra Theatre

With our founder Aaron Trites still in PAX East jail, Head Commentator Eric Pope and Ringside Reporter Pat Baer bring you West Coast Wishes, our first ever evening show! League of Heels Champion D Leazy has promised to grant TWO WISHES at this show. We’ve also been told a new title will debut!?!? Games journalists, designers, streamers, and more will be on hand for LOH: West Coast Wishes!

Game Master Academy: Start Running Tabletop RPG’s – Sunday 9/2 3pm Sphinx Theatre

What’s it take to run an amazing tabletop RPG adventure? Just you! Leave your anxieties behind and get all your introductory RPG questions answered by the designers and game masters behind Dungeons & Dragons, Blue Rose, Critical Role’s Tal’Dorei, and more!

Game Smoochers: Date a Sword or a Pigeon Because LOVE IS WEIRD – Sunday 9/2 6:30 pm Hippogryph Theatre

From pigeons to tanks to transforming weapons, romance and the dating simulator genre of video games has been a world of exploration and curiosity. Join our panel of (thirsty) game developers and influencers as we talk about our favorite out-of-the-norm character crushes and what the future holds for the genre.

Am I Really Playing a Role?: Identity Exploration Through Role-Playing Games – Monday 9/3 11am Sasquatch Theatre

There is growing interest in the use of RPGs as a therapeutic vehicle, but fans have said for decades that RPGs help them become the people that they are. Why do we play the characters we choose? Is it social practice, fantasy fulfillment, or something else? Join Take This and our panel of elite RPG creators, streamers, and professionals as we discuss identity exploration through player characters.