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I’ll be going to TwitchCon for the first time tomorrow and I’m on a panel Sunday. If you’re around or can watch, I’ll be moderating “Being Political On Twitch” 3:30 pm Pacific US timezone in the GivePlz Theatre. Joining me are Adam Koebel (adamkoebel on Twitch/Skinnyghost on twitter), Jennasaisquoi (same on Twitch and Twitter), and Brian Petrocelli (Citizen on Twitch & th3citizen on Twitter).

This panel is concerned with addressing the importance of being political as a creator, as the representative of a business or organization, and as a streamer. The purpose of this talk is to help empower people by talking openly about the risks and gains of struggling in a landscape that demands conformity and the continued repression of identities.

We’ll talk about whether a Twitch channel constitutes a public or private space (and what that means on the Internet), why these discussions are important, what free speech is and isn’t, and how people can challenge and engage in politics.

I Need Diverse Games will also be at the Twitch Unity booth at these times.

  • Friday: 1-3pm
  • Saturday: 1-4pm
  • Sunday: 1-3pm

Either I, or a member of our community will be there to talk about what we do, and have business cards if you want to collaborate after the convention.

As always, here’s your 200% free guide to interacting with me at a convention/event. Last thing, here’s a #TwitcCon tip; ask permission before hugging or touching someone. Don’t come from behind & “surprise” anyone either. You never know how people will react to an unexpected touch or attempt to hug with no warning.

Also, do not reach out and touch a black persons hair. We’re not exotic, or dogs. It’s just hair, & it’s disrespectful AF. Yes, I still need to tell people this. Also, save the I wish my hair could do that! Comments. No one cares, we really don’t. Remember, you might watch a caster daily; that doesn’t mean you know them well enough to be familiar on sight. #TwitchConTip

Here’s one more tip via ravingsockmonky on twitter: From a different caster: Actually take the time to introduce yourself. You may interact OS, but they still might not know you.

See you soon Long Beach! <3

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