The awesome Becka Liz did emotes for my Twitch channel!


These are all on Better Twitch TV, and if you’re using this add in (Chrome and Firefox) you can use them too in your Twitch stream!

cypherYAY cypherYAY

cypherWUT cypherWUT

cypherSHINY cypherSHINY

cypherLOVE cypherLOVE

cypherGRR cypherGRR

How Emote Sharing Works

Emote sharing allows other channels to use emotes you have uploaded to BetterTTV. When sharing is enabled on your emote, another user can come to the sharing page, locate the emote, and enable it in their channel.

Steps to share your emotes:

  1. Click on one of your emotes below
  2. Check the “Let others use this emote in their channel” box.
  3. Hit the “Update” button.
  4. Your emote is now on the sharing page for people to use
    • You can also link people directly to your emote. Just copy the URL in your address bar to share.

Steps to use an emote in your channel:

  1. Click on one of the recently shared emotes below or search by channel name
  2. Hit the “Use in my Channel” button
  3. The emote can now be used in your channel
    • You must refresh your chat for BetterTTV to notice the change.