So, I was able to stream on the XB1 a few times, but it’s been a grade fucking A hassle. Some initial thoughts via twitter:

So far I’ve found A LOT about the XB1 really frustrating and counter intuitive, regarding usability etc. Especially streaming. First I have to let everyone see I am online in privacy settings otherwise Twitch won’t let me stream b/c it flags as under 18? This has only happened on the XB1, no such setting tweak required when streaming from PC or PS4. Then the Twitch UI on the XB1 is docked to the right side, unless I “unsnap” it.

It’s sluggish to respond to the dbl tap required to go from the Twitch side bar to the game. This double tap of the middle X button also pauses the stream, which is a nuisance. Its brief but annoying It’s also another UX/button mapping fail. That should be a one button press, not a double tap that pauses game or stream. But I digress.

My other gripe is at least on XB1, I can’t sign out of the Twitch profile I first signed in on. I hit log out and nothing happens. The whole point of getting the XB1 for as for us to have more content to work with. If I can’t log into that Twitch account (we have one for ) it’s frustrating and adds content to my personal Twitch meant for INDG

So right now I’m feeling a kind of way about functionality on the XB1.

Now that it basically reboots when I try to stream Rise of the Tomb Raider, I’m trying to uninstall and totally reinstall the Twitch app on the XB1.

Clearly the XB1 was designed with a focus on voice-activated functionality, assuming most people would have a Kinect. Early adopters of the XB1 do, since the only model available was a $499 model bundled with a Kinect at launch. That’s great and all, but what about people who got the system later?

I don’t really have the room for a Kinect in my living room, nor do I want one to be honest. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice basic functionality for an assumption about the user base. I have a degree in user centered design and this is just aggravating. I’m unable to get the full functionality as designed unless I drop another $100 – $150 on a peripheral which negates the savings from getting the system over two years after release.

So for now I don’t know what else to do because other games stream just fine, such as FFXV: Episode Duscae, and Dragon Age Inquisition but for now I’m cut off from even logging out of one account and into another, or trying to stream RotTR without a forced reboot after an unpleasant grindy noise, and a lot of cussing.

Here’s a Twitch and XB1 UI wishlist if anyone from either company happens across this post:


  • Ability to log into multiple accounts (assuming you can authenticate you own said accounts and aren’t a scammer)
  • Ability to get help from the Twitch app, from Twitch
  • Ability to get a log file when something goes wrong when streaming on console. (one of the things I kept getting was an error about an ‘authorized game required to stream’ when trying to stream RotTR before it caused reboots.
  • Ability to upload directly to YT from console


  • Ability to move sections around to suit user preference
  • Ability to have a dedicated games section, app section etc without having to pin a bunch of things to the home screen
  • Ability to remap the controller buttons including how you take screenshots, go in and out of apps, etc
  • One button screenshot
  • One button recording/one long button press to start recording
  • Less reliance on voice commands since not everyone has a Kinect