Sadly, no stream tomorrow Saturday May 7th. I’ll be at #TrekDePaul all day.

I’ll do a brief make up stream probably Sunday morning or Monday during the day. Also, thoughts on what to play since I beat Unravel?

  • Dark Souls Sucking Tuesdays once I finish Fragments of Him?
  • FenQuisition (if I ever get my game installed on PC and modded again that is)
  • Seeking Sera on Saturdays or move to Sundays since I keep having stuff on Saturday lately?
  • Beyond Eyes (XB1)
  • AC: Syndicate (I have it on PS4 and XB1)
  • Fallout 4 (PC or PS4)
  • Replay Mass Effect (on PC, assuming that’s not broken too with this Origin issue)
  • Dragon Age II
  • Uncharted Collection (PS4)

Oh and there’s emotes now! If you have Better Twitch TV you can use the following emotes. Art by Becka Liz (commission her!)

emotes woo

  • cypherYAY
  • cypherGRR
  • cypherLOVE
  • cypherSHINY
  • cypherWUT (still pending review from BTTV)