Ok, so I’m doing a LOT of travel in November, so it’s gonna throw my streaming schedule off this month.  However I hit a milestone! So gotta figure out what to do to celebrate it.


Games I am playing on stream right now:

  • Mafia III – PS4
  • CIV VI
  • Skyrim: Special Edition
  • Witcher 3 (replay to get a better build and level up for DLC)

As far as my November stream schedule here’s what I know I’ll be doing:

Thursday 11/3 & Saturday 11/5 – No streaming due to travel

Tuesday 11/8 – Streaming, post voting US Election time TBA. Either Mafia III Skyrim:SE on PC

Thursday 11/10-Wednesday 11/23 – No streaming at all as I’ll be in NYC and Montreal.

Thursday 11/24 – No stream due to Thanksgiving holiday

Saturday 11/26 – Long stream to celebrate 800 Twitch followers! I’ll put a twitter poll up closer to the date. Maybe even a 12 hour stream!

Tuesday 11/29 – Shorter stream due to travel the next day, Time and Game TBD

December is up in the air due to holidays and such.

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