Apologies for the short notice y’all but no stream today for two reasons. One  is reason is I have house guests through Monday morning. The other is because the XB1 Twitch app is a total PoS and is throwing an error when I try to stream from it. Twitch’s answer is to delete the app and date, reinstall, reauthorize and hard reset the XB1. That’s not really an acceptable answer, especially when your app randomly stops working. If they don’t fix this problem, I may restart the Sera romance on the PS4 or PC.

There will be a stream on Tuesday morning, starting at 11am CST, likely of Unravel so I can hopefully get Yarny out of the acidic pit of hell he’s currently stuck in. I’ll do an extra stream of Solstice game by MoaCube on Friday March 11th, then that will be it for streaming until I’m back and rested from GDC.

Hope everyone is well and having a good day out there!