My @GaymerX 4 Schedule

Unless something changes in the next two weeks, here's my schedule. Friday September 30   Podcasting for a Gamer Audience 5:00 pm Panels Room B Podcasts are as varied as the wind, but what about those of us who want to address other gamers? You'll get some basic how to start a podcast tips, then … Continue reading My @GaymerX 4 Schedule

Upcoming Convention Shenanigans…

I'm finally slowing down, a bit on the convention circuit. In a couple of days I'll be on my way to CONvergence with GeekMelange & JesseLex for a few days of fandom, friends and tomfoolery. If you like seeing me on panels, or hey just want to see what these are about, here's a link to … Continue reading Upcoming Convention Shenanigans…

ICYMI – My #SOCOSY16 talk is online!

Social Computing Symposium 2016: Harassment, Threats, and Trolling Online: Why Diversity in all aspects of Gaming is Vital A brief talk on why diversity in games is more than a buzzword and should be a consideration from day one of development Speaker: Tanya C. DePass Affiliation: I Need Diverse Games Host: Lili Cheng Duration: 00:08:24 Date recorded: 11 January … Continue reading ICYMI – My #SOCOSY16 talk is online!

I’m going to be on The Geek Show! Videogames Edition 2/18/16!

A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! ...and it is VStheUNIVERSE with their hit variety show "The Geek Show!" This month the VtU crew are celebrating everyone's favorite pastime: Video Games! Join VStheUNIVERSE as they welcome guests Tanya DePass from #INeedDiverseGames and local Robomodo studio developer Josh Tsui as they talk about the current gaming scene! VStheUNIVERSE will … Continue reading I’m going to be on The Geek Show! Videogames Edition 2/18/16!

ICYMI – I’m in this @Offworld piece by @sangfroid_san

What can game developers do to better represent black women in games? “They need to get some fucking empathy,” says Tanya dePass, a campaigner for better representation inside game worlds and among those who create them. She curates websites, hosts podcasts, maintains the#INeedDiverseGames tag on Twitter, works as a diversity consultant andspeaks at conventions and … Continue reading ICYMI – I’m in this @Offworld piece by @sangfroid_san

Forced change is happening…

I got back to work from GX3 today to unpack my office, get everything settled and then was let go. I had no sense this was coming. After all who would be that low-down and dirty right? Well apparently my now former supervisor would be that's who. So I come to y'all humbly asking for … Continue reading Forced change is happening…

It’s @GaymerX go time!

By the time this posts I'll be in San Jose, CA for GX3 aka GaymerX –  December 11 – 13, 2015 Here's my GX3 schedule! I'll be speaking briefly about my role as Diversity Liaison & on why it's important to GX to be diverse during the opening ceremonies, Friday, December 11th, 10:00 am GX … Continue reading It’s @GaymerX go time!