So, under the #INeedDiverseGames  hashtag we’ve been doing some great things! However, keeping on with those great things requires some tech upgrades that don’t come cheap.

In order to do things like stream games, write reviews and get some future initiatives going, upgraded and new tech is needed.

As the creator of the hashtag, as someone who wants to keep the conversation & work about diversity in gaming going, I ask that you help out with some of these upgrades/new tech so that the work can continue and improve.

So far, we’ve received$650 of the $1100 goal.  I’d love to reach it soon so a laptop can be purchased that will meet our needs, and a good mic for podcasting.

If you can signal boost this, or if possible drop a few bucks, we’d really appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, signal boosted, donated. We couldn’t do a lot of this work without your support.

How the requested total breaks down:

$250 for RAM upgrade (8GB to 32GB) [Amount needed to purchase this has been MET! Thank you so much!]

Update – We got a donation of two video cards w/Crossfire compatibility so I’m reducing the total campaign even further. Anything received at this point will be dropped into savings towards a replacement laptop.

[Donations of video cards incoming] $350 – $400 for Video Card  upgrade (current card is a nVidia 550Ti, 1GB RAM)

Remaining will go towards replacing the 5 year old laptop mod cypher is currently using for a lot of the #INeedDiverseGames work & getting a good mic for podcasting

We want to do more with streaming games out to folks that might not otherwise know about them, spotlight devs that are doing good work and also interact with you, our audience, our supporters and friends.

We want to be more than a mere hashtag, we want to be a better voice in the community, to work towards better diversity and inclusion. And for that to happen, we need a little help.

Anything you can do to help us, we appreciate. Be it a few bucks or spreading the word.

Thank you,
#INeedDiverseGames creator & community mod