A couple quick things before I head off to bed.

Fresh Out of Tokens is now part of Geeked.fm Podcast group!  We join other shows such as Geeks & Sneaks where fitness and nerdiness meet in the middle; More Than Bits, where a group of geeky dads talk about parenting as gamers & other topics.

The other show in the network is a new show, with the first episode to premiere this week! The Chromatic Life Podcast features Javier Payano, Matt Lancaster and me talking about everything from current events, gaming, life, education, etc through a diverse lens.

Playboy Article 07-13-2015

I was among the lovely ladies listed in this article: “6 Women Whipping the VideoGame Industry into Shape” today over at Playboy.com

Last thing, I’ll be on the next episode of Heroine Podcast, which is part of the BTA (Bitch Team Alpha) network. I had a chance to talk about #INeedDiverseGames, the inception where it is now, where it’s hopefully headed and I was able to give Heroine the scoop on our next big name guest on Fresh Out of Tokens. You’ll have to listen to hear who it is. 😉