55: Tanya is Not the Outrage DMV

October 7, 2015   Anna Tarkov & Jessica Dennis

Today is the first anniversary of #INeedDiverseGames and to celebrate, we welcome our friend Tanya DePass on the show to tell us all about it and what she’s up to these days in her quest to make games more diverse.

We need diverse games on mobile too, by the way, so we introduced Tanya to Piloteer, which has a kickass black woman as the only character. It turns out the developer made her that way because he was inspired by #INeedDiverseGames! So there’s all kinds of feels at that part 🙂

Tanya also shared her experiences since #INeedDiverseGames started and the ups and downs of suddenly being thrust into the spotlight. So sit back and enjoy; you might even learn something.

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