To celebrate what’s been accomplished, what we want to happen in the future and thank you all for your support. So we’re doing a few things.

One, we’re soliciting your pics of folks in their #INeedDiverseGames gear. 

Please email us a photo of you, how you want to be credited (ie your tumblr, twitter, screen name) to so we can show off everyone in their gear.

We’re also going to go back and collate any previously submitted tweets and images for posts.

Two, we just put out a call for stories from you all if we have had any impact on you. 

We’re so happy that a community has formed from a wee hashtag. If anyone has stories to tell us about diversity in gaming, if we have had any impact on you, how you think about games, we’d love to hear it!

Please send your story either by a submission to the blog:

– Or –

if you want to tell your story but remain anonymous; email us at  with “INDG Impact” in the subject of your email and we’ll post it on our Anniversary, October 7th 2015.

Third and last, we’re doing some fund raising to have a cushion for #INeedDiverseGames to grow up to a 503c Non-Profit Org.

#INeedDiverseGames is almost a year old! We want to do more to serve the community. Doing that takes money, especially if we want to grow into a 503c Non-Profit organization.

We want to be able to take donations and turn them into opportunities for the marginalized folks in the gaming community such as travel grants, covering registration for events such as IndieCade, GDC, IDGA memberships and more.

We also want to be able to assist others in their work outside of the scope of Patreon or other assistance. So this is a one time ask to make a future of assisting the gaming community for a better, more diverse future for all of us.

Thank you for making this year amazing. We couldn’t have done it without you all.