So I posted this over at the #INeedDiverseGames tumblr and wanted to pitch this out to other avenues as well. Advice from folks who are successful on Patreon or other crowdfunding ways to do this work full time is wanted and welcomed.

So an inquiry for you fine folks who support us…

So,#INeedDiverseGames is doing well, and is getting to the point where its becoming almost a second full time gig for mod cypheroftyr. She wants this to be her full-time gig, to give all her energy and resources to #INeedDiverseGames and do so much with it. The problem is as always money. Living in Chicago isn’t cheap, moving isn’t an option because there aren’t  many places that are cheaper anyway.
So that leaves Patreon as an option to support this work full time, pay bills, go to conventions, conferences, speaking gigs, writing articles, etc.We have a Patreon, but we’re not pulling in much. So the question is how do folks with significant patronage do it? How do you get enough support to do this via Patreon, and survive?
Advice, tips, suggestions, are all welcome.
If you want to email instead;
Thank you in advance for any support, or advice you can give.